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About Chillax Easy

Chillax Easy is a Website founded in 2018. It is focused on increasing one’s lifestyle. Whatever it takes to increase your lifestyle to the next level. Chillax Easy Lifestyle Blog focuses on Stress management, Achieving work-life balance, Advice, Finding you Passion, and Product Recommendation to achieve this purpose.

Its goal is to help its users by providing the most accurate recommendations, advice, tips and more.


The Mission of Chillax Easy is to be a known and reputable website in terms of lifestyle. We are committed to give the most accurate, fresh and best information to everyone to achieve the lifestyle they have been dreaming about. This advice pertaines to the following but not limited to: Financial, Career, Stress Management, Self-Help, Health, Product and Service recommendation.


To be one of the reputable Website about self-help by the year 2022. This means getting at least 500,000 visitors each month when that time comes. It would be achieved by creating quality and helpful content to its Viewers.

Goal for the End of Year 2019

The Goal of Chillax Easy Lifestyle Blog is to achieve at least 1,000,000 viewership by the end of 2019. This pertains to the commitment of being a reputable website. This will be achieved by making quality content and updating its marketing strategies. Marketing Strategies pertains to the following but not limited to: E-mail Marketing, Social Media marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Owner of Chillax Easy Lifestyle Blog

Let us all Enjoy what Life has to offer. Every little things in life. Do not put on your blinds and see what the world has to offer. – Jason

About the Owner

Hello, my name is Jason. I own Chillax Easy Lifestyle Blog. It is a lifestyle blog where I talk about stress management, health, motivation and so much more. Basically, this website is about how to increase one’s own lifestyle.

In this website, I would talk about how could we improve our lifestyle because I know that a lot of us are currently being challenged by life.

Well in fact, life is simple. It should not be very complicated like what they’ve been preaching. It is not a race on who becomes the best. It is your own race. You get better everyday, you compare yourself to what changed these past few months. The way we view our inside.

That is the reason this blog was born. To inform and to give you recommendations on how to increase you lifestyle to the next level. We will talk about health, both physical and mental, and to bring it to the next level.

So stay tuned as we will give you the best things and information we could find.

Let us Help Each Other

We do not know everything in life. We might own a blog or a website, but we are also human. So if you want to share something with us, do not hesitate to contact us and let us discuss the life hacks you might have.

Any questions, concerns and suggestions are well accepted. Your insights are equally important to us.

So feel free to use our contact form and we will get to you as fast as we can: Contact page

All the best for you,

Jason Ong, RMT
Chillax Easy Lifestyle Blog


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