10 Best Alarm Clocks in 2021 For Heavy Sleepers [Ultimate Guide]

Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

What are the Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

Whether you are working or going to school, most of the times we have to wake up in the morning. The problem is that for most of us, waking up early is really a tedious task to do. That is the reason that we want an alarm clock to get us up in the morning. Alarm clocks are not at all the same, there are some that only uses sounds, there are some that use light and sound, some are even high tech alarm clocks that are you can control by voice command. So we are here to help you find the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers because we all know that we have deadlines or projects to do.

Based on our research, we have found out that the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers are the:

  1. Echo DotiHome iBT29BC
  2. iHome iBT29BC
  3. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation
  4. Peakeep 4″ Twin Bell (Value)
  5. FOREV LED Alarm Clock Radio
  6. DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock
  7. TooTa Digital Clock, 3 Alarm SettingsAMIR Wake-Up Light
  8. AMIR Wake-Up Light
  9. Homtime Multi-Function Alarm Clock
  10. Oct17 Wooden Alarm Clock

These products did not sacrifice quality for their price so if you are on a budget, you will not go wrong with these products.

The list has been updated as of April 14, 2021

I said above that there are many types of alarm clocks, and to be honest, the type of alarm clock that you want will ultimately be based on your personal preference. I actually use an analog alarm clock to wake me up in the morning. I really love the old nostalgic feeling it gives me when I was little.

However, some like those with voice command, or some even need that sunlight feature of some alarms to wake them up. It is based on your preference and the article here is going to supply you with ideas on alarm clocks and I am so excited to show you our top picks.

So here are our top picks on alarm clocks, whatever your taste is, I am sure you are going to find something that you will want to buy.

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Best Alarm Clocks

Best Value Alarm ClockUnique Look Alarm ClockRecommended Alarm Clock 1Recommended Alarm Clock 2



1. Echo Dot

Echo DotNow, the Echo Dot is not just an alarm clock. It has tonnes of features that you will surely love. If you are in for some High Tech assistant, yes I said assistant because it can do a lot of functions, not just an alarm clock. You are in for a treat with the Echo Dot, you can have a voice command assistant, which can control your lights, check your calendar, play your favorite music, set alarms and so much more.

What I love in Echo Dot is it can do all of those things because it supports Alexa. Alexa makes the product very economical and versatile, which is very important especially if you are looking for something that will not just help you wake up, but set your schedule, answer questions, check the weather, read the news, control smart home devices, and more.

More functionality includes setting your smart TV into your preferred station, lock doors, adjust your room thermostat on all compatible devices.

So if you are looking for an alarm clock that has that much functionality, then you are in for a treat. It is also one of the coolest looking alarm clocks due to its unique design, you can also play radio with this device and what’s great is that Alexa is getting smarter and smarter through the updates. The more you have this product with you, the more and more you are going to enjoy each day as you have a very versatile clock

Another thing to add is that since it is versatile, you can add it not just in your bedroom, it can also assist you in the kitchen. it could even help you up if you place it on your work desk. All of these functionalities with the Echo Dot. So you don’t just have an alarm clock when you wake up, you also have something you can carry anywhere.

Imagine this. You are busy and has a meeting coming right up. You could either write your meetings down in a to-do list which is good, or you tell Echo Dot when is your meeting. After that, just ask Echo Dot “Alexa, when is my next meeting.” and it will tell you. A great tool for busy people who has a lot to do.

So if you are in for an alarm clock with great functionality, has a speaker and a high tech clock that can also be your personal assistant. You will definitely love the Echo dot if you choose on this one. Get ready to be a part of the next generation of alarm clocks.



  • Voice command for ease of access
  • Multiple Functionality: Can turn on lights, set your meetings, lock your doors, play your favorite songs, read the news and so much more
  • Great alarm clock with speaker
  • Perfect for people who love High technology gadgets
  • Gets smarter and smarter with updates


  • There are times that Alexa misunderstands commands, but it is getting better and better with each update

2. iHome iBT29BC

So we live in a modern age wherein I know some of you don’t like the old ways. Well, don’t worry. I got you covered! With the iHome iBT29BC, get ready to meet the futuristic looking cool alarm clock.

What is lovely with the iHome alarm clock is that switches colors. There 5 color changing Led lights inside the alarm clock that gives it that characteristic glow. Which really looks cool! Trust me, just check the picture beside. Now, isn’t that one of the coolest and best-looking alarm clock if you are into those kinds of things? Just look at that unique looking alarm clock.

Now, it wouldn’t be part of this list if that is all it can offer you. Another I absolutely love about this is that it can charge your phone or tablet. Imagine just waking up with a good morning alarm clock with a fully charged phone by your side. Now, you can just leave your phone with your alarm clock so you can wake up with a full charge.

I just have a tip for you, please place your alarm clock far from your bed. Maybe a desk someplace else. So you won’t have the urge to check your phone while trying to sleep. Trust me, I know. 🙂

Wait! There’s more tip for you. This has a Bluetooth speaker option, which makes it a speaker for your phone. Yes, it is Bluetooth, so a wireless option is great! This is perfect if you like to start your day with a meditation of a yoga session. By playing some meditation music, this will be an amazing way to start your day! We have a beginner meditation article here for you to see if you are interested in that kind of things: Meditation for Beginners

These are great features of the iHome alarm clock, but what intrigues me more is that it removes the problem of most phones with Bluetooth on. That is the battery, you can just plug your device on the USB charger on the alarm clock, and then turn on the Bluetooth.

That way, you won’t be experiencing any problems with its battery while you are playing some meditation music, or your favorite tunes.

So to sum it up, it can be one of the coolest looking alarm clocks for you if you are into those designs. Plus, the Bluetooth speaker and the USB charger is a great bonus. If you want a versatile alarm clock with those function where you can wake up with a fully charge phone and Bluetooth ready to start your day, then this will be your guy. In fact, there are a lot of happy customers online using this product so I am sure that you are going to like it too. Don’t forget to check it out below!


  • Has Bluetooth, FM radio and Built-in Tone
  • Has a USB Charger
  • Play your favorite music wireless with the Bluetooth Function
  • 5 Color changing LED lights for a super cool looking alarm clock
  • Happy customers online


  • No Brightness settings for Glow

3. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm ClockThere are times where our best enemy in waking up early in the morning is no other than our body clock, and there is a very big reason for that, and that is no other than sunlight. We are biologically wired to wake up in the morning with sunlight, but the problem is that most of the time, we don’t see the sunrise anymore. Hence, our body clock is confused about when to wake up.

So here comes our hero, the Philips Wake-up Light Alarm clock. With this alarm clock, you also get a simulation of sunlight lighting up your room to tell your sleepy brain that it is time to wake up. With this, you will be waking up in the best way possible with your body supporting you to get up.

What’s greater is that this method is clinically proven. It is proven that this method of alarm clock with the sunlight simulation improves your energy, sleep, and well-being.

In addition to that, the light is also proven to increase your alertness in the morning. Resulting in a more productive day ahead. That is a great bonus considering that most of the time, the reason we want to wake up early is to be productive on that day. There you have it! Your hero.

If you are wondering if it will just light up with its max capacity to wake you up. Hey! that’s not natural. So it would light up slowly and will take 30 minutes to reach its peak to truly simulate a sunrise. This is great not to bombard you with light that causes headaches when you wake up.

So when it reaches that highest level of brightness to wake you up, that would be the time for it to use its beep. So this wakes you up slowly so you won’t be waking up with a ruined night. This is great as this method will make even the snoozers out there to wake up. “Like me.”

The last thing I would like to mention in its feature is that it can also function as your bedside lamp. We always don’t go to bed sleepy. That’s a fact, especially if we slept in the afternoon. So with this feature, you can relax first bu reading a book with your bedside lamp and once you get sleepy, you can go to sleep. This is a great feature to have as your alarm clock become a lot more versatile for use.

Clearly, this is a great alarm clock to have. Not only does it beep to wake you up, but it also slowly increases its light like a sunrise to make sure that your body clock will always stay in good shape. This is great to increase your productivity, and the slowly increasing light feature will make sure that your waking up as groggy will be significantly less. Clearly a great alarm clock especially for the heavy sleepers and snoozers out there.



  • Simulates Sunrise to Bring your Body Clock to optimal levels
  • Slowly increases light and will beep when it reaches full, so you will slowly wake up and won;t feel groggy
  • Can function as bedside lamp
  • Improved Focus and Mood upon waking up
  • Clinically proven to boost your morning


  • No back-up battery

4. Peakeep 4″ Twin Bell (Value)

Peakeep Twin BellFor the Analog alarm clock fanatics like me, this is perfect to start up our day. I love the design and the simplistic look of Peakeep 4″ Twin bell. The nostalgic feeling of dialing down to the numbers rather than doing it on a digital clock. The feeling will not be the same.

What is great with the Peakeep Twin bell is that its sound is actually loud enough, but not annoying at all. Well for me, it is not annoying and it really feels great to have something like this that others don’t like anymore.

What’s better is that Peakeep is actually cheap compared to other products in this list, simply because it is simple and doesn’t include delicate materials that the others have.

This is great because it is simple enough and because it does not have delicate materials included, it could last for years to come without any trouble at all.

Of course, there is a reason why a lot of people hate this type of analog alarm clocks. Which is dreaded by those heavy sleepers and snoozers, but to be honest, it is the best feature that others would not give you.

It is that it has no snooze button. That’s right! Prepare for an alarm close that has no snooze button, good luck for the snoozers are you have no choice but to wake up in the morning.

Isn’t it perfect and I would even consider it as one of the best alarm clocks for snoozers. Simply because it has no snooze button.

Another thing to be amazed by the Peakeep is that it has a feature that some analogs don’t have. It has a backlight feature, so if you suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, you can just check it out without looking at your phone. Trust me, you don’t want to check your phone after you woke up. Its light will give you insomnia, so this is a very handy feature to have.

These are great reasons why this is one of the best alarm clocks, especially for the snoozers and heavy sleepers. Heavy sleepers will have a hard time because its sound is actually loud enough to wake you up, another is that its price is cheaper than the digital clocks. You also get an alarm clock that is durable, its nostalgic feeling is also amazing to have. Clearly, even one of the coolest alarm clock if you are into something vintage like I do.


  • Analog Alarm Clock
  • Nostalgic look, Coolest looking
  • No Snooze Button for the snoozers
  • Loud alarm but not annoying
  • Backlight for emergency checking the time at Night
  • Non Ticking hands, great for those sensitive for sounds when trying to sleep
  • Great Value!


  • No snooze button, so prepare to wake up

5. FOREV LED Alarm Clock Radio

The FOREV Led is an alarm clock that you will also love. If you are into these type of designs, then you are in for a treat. It is a simple, yet very functional alarm clock with lots of features that you will definitely love!

For an alarm clock with this design, what I am amazed at is that it is also a Bluetooth speaker. That is considered to be unique because alarm clocks like this usually don’t have that function. You can play your favorite tunes, even have a meditation or yoga session in the morning with this alarm clock. Great way to start up your day!

I also love how this alarm clock has 5 different alarm music. Which means that you can choose which is the one that annoys you the less. A tip though, don’t choose that music. Choose the one that annoys you so you have no choice in the morning but to stand up and turn it off. Hence, congratulations! You’re now awake.

In addition to this, it also has a radio function. Which is great to open it up in the morning. Not just that this alarm clock has a radio function, it also supports flash drive and micro SD card. Which is great if you don’t want to waste your phone’s battery on Bluetooth.

Another thing to note that is unique with this alarm clock is it can measure the temperature of your surroundings, which is actually important if you want a quality sleep. Remember that quality sleep will mean that you will wake up more refreshed and ready to take on the day. Which is very important. FOREV has this feature to help you create the optimal environment for a good night sleep.

Your Alarm clock’s battery is also not a problem at all if you are using it to charge your phone. It has a built-in rechargeable battery so you won’t need to change the battery every time. This ensures a great convenience to you as a user.

These are the reason why the FOREV is part of this list. It is packed with features and I know that if you are into these type of designs, this will be a cool alarm clock to have. Plus, the features are definitely helpful especially the speaker, USB charging and the Built-in rechargeable battery feature.

Overall, this is one of the best alarm clocks to have. You won’t go wrong if you choose on this one.


  • Cool Design
  • Bluetooth Ready
  • Alarm clock that can function as a Radio
  • USB Charging Capacity
  • 5 Different Alarm Music
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery


  • Nothing to find as of now

6. DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock

DreamSky Decent Alarm ClockIf you want some alternative or you haven’t made your pick yet, That is great since the DreamSky Alarm clock is also a great choice for you.

As you can see, it has a simple and cool but is also packed with features for an alarm clock. I will also consider it an alarm clock with features that are packed to the brim. To start it off, you can charge your phone with it with its USB charger function.

This is great to have especially if you want a fully charged phone in the morning. Especially if you use it to get through some emails and important messages. You can now wake up with a fully charged phone. Which are great things to have as a luxury.

I repeat my tip though, do not put your phone beside you because there will be a chance that you will be tempted to check your phone while in bed. After that, you will have trouble sleeping. Trust me, I know what that feels. 🙂

But to add another feature I love, it also measures the temperature around for you to check and to make the best temperature in your sleep environment. Having a cool temperature really helps you achieve better sleep, and by that, you will have a great day ahead.

Remember that the key to a great day is having preparations the day before, which could be done thanks to the thermometer Dreamsky has.

One of the cool features that the Dreamsky has is its display is actually cool, it is easy to read and bright enough to be seen clearly in one glance. However, you might have a problem with that if you are sensitive to light, but not a problem since Dreamsky knows that. The lights from the LED can easily be adjusted with 3 level adjustable brightness. Which would ensure that you will not have a problem.

One last feature I would like to add is that this alarm clock also has a radio feature. Which means you can listen to the radio with it at your absolute convenience. Perfect as your other choice for an alarm clock.


  • Cool Design
  • Alarm clock that can function as a Radio
  • USB Charging Capacity
  • 3 Different Brightness Level
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Comes with a battery Backup for Emergencies


  • The LED light is reported to be still bright even on low brightness setting

7. TooTa Digital Clock, 3 Alarm Settings

TooTa Digital ClockIf you are into a cool design alarm clock, then you are in for a treat with the TooTa Digital Clock. I love how it looks like a wooden alarm clock that makes it so unique as it will surely be a head turner when your visitors come to your place.

The feature that I like about the TooTa Digital clock is that it has a weekday mode alarm feature. Which as the name implies, will only alarm on weekdays. This is great if you just want to rest on the weekends, which trust me that almost all of us would love that.

Another thing is that you can have three alarms to be set in this alarm clock. Which is quite unique considering that most alarm clock can only remember one alarm. Well, make TooTa an exception as it can handle three alarms. Perfect if you are having a busy day and need three different alarms.

It also has the temperature and the humidity settings, which is really great considering that you really need the best environment in order to have a good sleep.

The LED light is also changeable as it has three different brightness option. So you would not have any problems sleeping with its light on.

In addition to that, it doesn’t require a battery. Which is really good especially if you are just placing it in your bedroom. It can be powered with a Micro USB charger so you can use it at home.

This is actually a great feature as you will have one less problem to worry about especially if you experienced waking up late because you just found out that your alarm clock’s battery has died.

Combining all of these features with its cool feature makes it a great choice for one of the best alarm clocks. Its looks are also really unique and good. This is great if you are still looking for an alarm clock and you will definitely love the TooTa digital clock if you choose this to be your alarm clock.


  • Cool and Unique Design
  • Temperature and Humidity Measurements
  • 3 brightness settings
  • Can be used without batteries with its Micro USB charger
  • Can have three alarms


  • Reports that the low brightness setting is still bright

8. AMIR Wake-Up Light

AMIR Wake-Up LightIf you like the sunlight simulation feature of an alarm clock, then you have another choice here! Introducing the AMIR Wake-up Light. It is actually very good and is definitely a great choice if you decide to have this as your alarm clock.

What I absolutely love about the AMIR alarm clock is that it really simulated the sunrise. It slowly increases its light for about 30 minutes to wake you up, this will ensure that you won’t be groggy when you wake up thanks to this feature.

Another is that it sounds, like the light, also comes in weak then slowly gets stronger. With this, you won’t be surprised by a high sound to wake you up, you will wake up naturally and in the best mood ever with this alarm clock.

It has 5 sound settings to choose from for you to choose which one is good for you. One quick tip, choose the one that annoys you if you are choosing a sound. That way, you have to get up and turn it off. That is better than enjoying the sound and you fall asleep instead.

But don’t get me wrong. You also have great uses if a sound relaxes you. In fact, some relaxing sounds are better for your meditation or yoga session in the morning to boost your day. Take that as an advantage and you will surely take the next day to the next level.

What I love about the AMIR that Philips doesn’t have is that it has a built-in rechargeable emergency battery, which makes sure that if the battery loses, it will still have the power to wake you up the next day. Perfect to prevent oversleeping, which is what we are dreading about if we buy an alarm clock.

So overall, if you are looking for an alarm clock that will also simulate the sun for you to get the proper body clock. You can choose this guy, this is a great choice and you will love having this as your everyday companion.


  • Simulate Sunrise to Normalize your Body Clock
  • Starts the light and alarm weak and then stronger and stronger to wake you up gently
  • Get in proper mood as your body clock adjusts to the better
  • 5 Natural sound settings
  • Has a Built-in battery for emergencies


  • Nature sounds reported to be of bad quality
  • Reports saying it is not bright enough to simulate sunrise

9. Homtime Multi-Function Alarm Clock

Homtime Multi-Function Alarm ClockIf you want another great alarm clock then the Homtime Multi-function alarm clock is definitely another great choice for you. It is like the other alarm clocks that has LED lights and has brightness features, but it has a few more key features to offer that is unique to it.

For an alarm clock like this, it is unique that it starts its alarm slowly, its goal is to wake you up slowly to build you up without waking you up in your deep sleep. Waking you up in a deep sleep is actually bad as it would affect your mood the whole day. This is not a problem with Homtime Alarm clock as it would start in slow to pick up the pace. So you will have a nice day ahead.

Another thing to add is it has not only 1 USB charger, but 2. Yes, you can charge two phones with this Alarm clock which is great as you sometimes need an additional. In addition to that, the chargers have a built-in surge protection against overcharging and overheating. Which is very great and you can be rest assured that your phone is in safe hands.

With this, you can be at ease that you will wake up with a fully charge 2 phones. Great to start your day!

Another thing to add is it has a backup battery, which is a good guarantee that it would always wake you up when you set it.

The last feature that is great to have with the Homtime is that it also has a thermostat so you can have a quality good night sleep that you need. Remember to keep your room at an optimal temperature so you will have the nice comfortable sleep you need.

One thing is that I do not recommend it to snoozers since it will give you more minutes to sleep. Wake up my friend, you need to wake up. You will buy an alarm clock for that right? 🙂


  • 4 Brightness level on LED Lights to match your preference
  • Has 2 charging ports that has a surge protection feature to protect your phone or tablet
  • Gradual Alarm to wake you up slowly and naturally
  • Indoor Thermostat for you to make the optimal sleeping environment


  • Only Supports Military Time

10. Oct17 Wooden Alarm Clock

Oct17 Wooden Alarm ClockThe Oct17 Wooden Alarm clock is great for you who like high tech things. It has a wireless charging function which is amazing and unique for an alarm clock, plus its design is simply unique that you will surely love.

What I love about the Oct17 is that it has a cool sound control function, which you can turn it on by clapping your hand. Yes, that is a unique way to turn on your alarm clock, right? So it is unique in its own way.

Plus, the design is simply elegant. Definitely one of the best cool looking alarm clock if you ask me. If you want a design like that looks like wood, you are in for a treat.

Another great thing about the Oct17 is that it can be powered by two different power source. You can plug it in with its cable and you can also place batteries so you have a backup power. This is great to prevent unavoidable emergencies wherein your alarm clock will die because of loss of power. With this feature, it would be one less thing to worry about.

In addition to this, it also can remember three alarms so you will surely wake up even if you accidentally closed the first alarm. This is a great feature to have especially if you are a snoozer and accidentally closed the alarm. Which happens to a lot of us trust me. This feature prevents that from happening.

Overall, the Oct17 is definitely something that you will love as its features are great. It is a cool looking alarm clock that is capable of wireless charging. It is also great for snoozers since it can remember three alarms at different intervals. If you choose on this one, you made a great choice. Check it out below!



  • Displays temperature
  • Set up to 3 alarms, perfect for Snoozers
  • Supports Wireless charging for your phone
  • Cool design
  • Dual Power supply


  • No Rubber feet, so be careful as it can easily fall off your table

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