10 Best Slow Cookers for Beef Stew of 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

Best Slow Cookers

What are the Best Slow Cookers for Beef Stew

Best Slow Cookers

Cooking is all that matters when we talk about the taste of life. If you are fond of having very delicious meals every day but don’t want to work hard for that. Here is the best slow cookers for beef stew we have chosen for you to choose from. It could be a chance to have the desired level of delicious food items made at home but with less effort.

Based on our research, we have found out that the best slow cookers currently available in the market are:

  1. the Cosori 6 quart Slow cooker
  2. Ninja Multicooker,
  3. Cuckoo Multi Pressure Cooker
  4. Ninja Auto-Iq Multi Cooker
  5. Bella 6.5qt Programmable Slow Cooker
  6. Chefman 6qt slow cooker
  7. Cosori 8 qt slow cooker
  8. RoadPro 1.5qt slow cooker
  9. Calphalon Digital slow cooker
  10. Kitchenaid KSC6222SS .

The research conducted included considered the following but not limited to features, functionality, capacity, usability and budget.

The list have been updated as of April 14, 2021

A slow cooker is the best choice to bring out the flavour in foods. A wide variety of foods can be cooked in a slow cooker, including one-pot meals, soups, stews and casseroles.

The slow cookers are useful throughout the year, whether its summer, winter or the spring season. It would be a better choice as it uses less electricity than an oven. We have researched a list of best slow cookers to help you find all those at one place. Just review, compare different items and grab the best to your needs.

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Best Slow Cookers

Recommended slow cookerRecommended Small Slow CookerGreat Value Slow Cooker

1. COSORI 6 Qt Multi-Cooker Pot

Cosori 6qt Multi-Cooker PotCOSORI 6 Qt cooker is versatile functioned cooker to help you in the kitchen for various cooking activities. You will have Multi-Cooker Pots for baking, cooking, frying, boiling and many more.

if you are not always sure what you’re going to make, but certain you’d like to wash as little cookware as possible? The COSORI Multicooker is capable of everything from browning a cut of meat, to baking a cake, to making yogurt in its non-stick interior. Two simple control dials make operation easy, yet also give you precise yet flexible mastery over your meals. Prep up, and get ready to multicooker.

It is your perfect kitchen assistant to be used for Rice cooking, roasting, Browning, Sauté, Boiling, Steaming, Yogurt Making and many more. This auto-Warmer had the feature of Delay Timer if the decided time was not enough to cook the item completely. This cooker is dimensioned just a 14.3×10.2×6.2 inches with a Wattage of 1350W.

You may choose the temperature from 86°F to 400°F for slow but perfect cooking. This cooker is made of Stainless Steel and comes with a cookbook to help you learn different cooking styles. : Manual mode allows for setting your temperature ranging from 86°F- 400°F and customize cooking time even during cooking. Slow Cook at low, medium and high depending on desired cooking time and temp. The cooker keeps food warm for up to 8 hours, so you never have to lose its taste and beauty by warming it up again and again.

Do you want to have a fresh breakfast or dinner? Use the delay time function up to 24 hours, you can enjoy a meal at the time you want. After cooking is done, food automatically Keep Warm for you.

The Multi-Talented Multi-Cooker is great for quickly going from function to function which starts with a sauté, dial to switch to a boil, or brown and slow-cook. This saves you from switching pots and pans. Great for nearly every type of cooking.

The cooker is really easy to Clean. It just contains a water-based non-stick cast aluminium interior pot with an extra removable rubber seal on the lid and fingerprint-resistant brushed stainless steel exterior. Its exterior is much easier to clean with a very simple water splash or even in a dishwasher.

Don’t worry about time, if you are out of the home, or busy at work? Place food in beforehand and take advantage of setting a delayed start for up to 24 hours. Come home to food that’s all ready. Made with water-based non-stick cast aluminium. The stainless steel steam rack is included to provide you with easy steaming. Choose the Brown function in Stove mode, searing the meat locks in moisture before a simmer.

The cooker is high quality and long-time helper for you, as it assures a 2-Year Warranty. Additionally, you may enjoy a lifetime support with 30 days unconditional free return and 24/7 personal service.

Pro Tip:
Do not use metal cleaning tools, like steel wool to clean the inner pot; Voltage: 120V/60HZ This multi-cooker is only for AC 120V/60HZ. A voltage converter is needed to transfer the power supply to the standard one if yours is not qualified.


  • 11 in 1 powerful slow cooker which has tons of uses, saving you space and money
  • Very Easy to Clean with its non-stick interior
  • Has Keep Warm and 24 hour timer feature
  • Can go from function to function, giving you more convenience in its usage
  • has a very wide Cooking range
  • UL and FDA approved
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty


  • Cord is short, limiting the places where you can place it. Better if you also get an extension cord with it

2. Ninja Multi-Cooker

Ninja MultiCookerThis cooker is 4-in-1 to provide you with versatile cooking experience while in the kitchen. 1 pot with 4 cooking functions which are Stove Top, Slow Cook, Oven, and Steam. Which makes it the best Kitchen aid slow cooker. The ninja cooker is available in a hot red colour with 18 x 11.7 x 13.1 inches dimensions and 13 pounds weight. It is very rightly titled as the Ninja 4-in-1 cooking system with triple fusion heat technology provides one-pot meals with fast, juicy, and flavorful results. It lifted cooking to a whole new level for endless meal creations that are quick and easy to prepare. The cooker is compatible with stove and oven. It is featured with 6-Quart Nonstick Pot to have you get done all at once.

If you don’t want to have unique heating elements let you sear, sauté, and slow cook for easy clean-up. You don’t even need an oven to bake the food items it has a bake in oven mode. Dry Bake for chicken and roasts, and Steam Bake for delicious, moist cakes.

You may now save yourself from cluttering up counter space with unnecessary cookware. Just go and grab this ninja cooker to get more with a Cosori Multi-cooker. Cooking times and temperatures can be adjusted according to your choice, when you boil, brown, simmer, sauté, steam, bake, roast, slow cook, or even make rice or yogurt. Everything is possible with this magical cooker.

It is really easy to clean-up, you will simply need to place the inner cooking pot, steam rack, and glass lid in the dishwasher and it all just get done in the blink of the eye. As a bonus, you will get a rubber lid gasket and recipe book to make you learn cooking, even if you are not used to it.

If this is all not enough to feel confident about the product and its quality. The client’s reviews at the end of the page are too satisfactory about the given product.


  • Multi functional with 4 cooking options thereby saving you kitchen spaceand money
  • Very easy to clean
  • Big enough to cook for your entire family
  • Includes: Roasting rack, multipurpose pan, silicon mits and many more
  • Has a cookbook which can really help beginners in cooking something nice


  • Outside of the pot can get really hot, it is great that this includes mitts in the package
  • Takes a lot of counter space, so check the size out before buying

3. Cuckoo Multi Pressure Cooker

Cuckoo Multi CookerThe cuckoo Multi Pressure is the best choice for those, who don’t want to have a lot of messy items in the kitchen. This is one item for all providing 8 in 1 functions. This cooker is the best choice for you if you need a Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Browning Fry, Steamer, Warmer, Yogurt Maker and Soup Maker all just in a single item. Yes! It is now possible through this Stainless Steel Cuckoo Multi-Pressure Cooker, Made in Korea.

This is the best example of Leading-Edge Technology which is developed by 40 years of constant research and unique know-how about the use of technology in human life comforts. This very smart invention with smart algorithms adjust the power and pressure level to accommodate you with different types of cooking experiences.

It has 8 Smart Built-In Programs to provide you with a convenient assistance. The built-in programs feature various cooking modes like Soup, Meat, Vegetables, Rice, Porridge, Slow cook, Browning Fry, Steam Cook. So any liquid or thick or baking is very easy to do in this cooker. The product is made on the safety standards to provide you fully secured cooking. The cooker is CETL safety certified. It has the best feature of keeping the goods warm when you have done with it. The, again and again, warming couldn’t lose the texture and taste of food item.

A combination material of stainless steel and aluminium for the complete heat conduction is featured. It can endure very high temperature, pressure, and steam for easy going one-time cooking. Not only it helps protect the interior of your multi cooker but also makes cleaning simple and easy. Water drain system prevents bad odors and bacteria by collecting water created during cooking. Water dew dish collects excess water vapour after cooking is done to maintain the original flavour of food. The cooking modes smart algorithm is specifically based on long grain & short grain, mixed rice. So you may try any of these in your menu.

If you are new to cooking and feel very scared about the new experiences, just don’t get panic. This cooker is featured with an intelligent Voice Navigation system, which is available in different languages and very effective in keeping the experience of using the multi-cooker easy and intuitive.

Safe, Quiet Steam Release through Soft Steam Cap. Cuckoo’s patented technology to quietly discharge the steam through 8 steam walls. S-Line Path Steam walls help direct steam for a quieter & safer steam release when cooking.

Auto steam cleaning made easy. Enjoy simple maintenance with a touch of a button. With one push, a strong jet stream is released to clean and sanitize the interior of the multi-cooker. Cuckoo’s innovative self-cleaning steam vents make cleaning the cooking pot a breeze.

The cooker is featured with customized setting with adjustable 9 heating options for versatile cooking. Which can be varied from 35℃ to 125℃ with programmable timer from 1 minute to 12 hours. If all this is not enough, you may check the customers’ reviews on the given page.


  • Multifunctional with an 8 in 1 multi cooker
  • Made with combinations of quality materials to ensure durability, safety and quality of food you are cooking
  • Water drainage system which prevents any unwanted odor, to guarantee fresh and tasty dishes everytime! Get the high quality tasting beef stew you’ve always wanted
  • Keep warm function
  • CETL safety certified


  • Has a learning curve in using
  • It is not really good as a rice cooker

4. Ninja Auto-iQ Multi Cooker

Ninja Auto-iQNinja Auto-iQ Multi Cooker is the best slow cooker in the list featuring with Auto-IQ, multi-function, with Slow Cooking ability. The food item will be fully cooked till every last bite with a fresh and delightful taste.

The artificially intelligent cooker is amazingly designed with 80-Pre-Programmed Auto-IQ Recipes for Searing, Slow Cooking, Baking and Steaming. Isn’t it just a dreamy feature that your cooker knows it all about what you have to cook and how you need to handle this? Are you excited to know? How does this artificial cooking system work? This Auto-iQ technology will allow you to select a recipe, add your ingredients, and helps you cook! As if one-pot meals weren’t convenient enough, press the auto IQ button and you’ll have a meal in 30 minutes or less.

This 6-Quart Nonstick Pot is so reliable that your cooked stuff would never be stick to the pan while cooking and roasting. It also has four manual cooking functions like slow cook, stove top sear Sautee, steam, and bake. So, you may enjoy four cooking functions all in one appliance.

Accu-temp technology uses specific temperature calibrations that work behind the scenes to keep your cooling system from getting too hot or too low, so meals don’t get over boiled. The triple fusion heats work with bottom heat, side heat, and steam heat all work together for easy one-pot meals.

Not just limited to this, the auto stay-warm system helps you to get a warm, fresh and ready to eat a meal every time of the day. The appliance automatically switches to stay Warm mode when the slow cook, steam, or bake functions come to completion. This keeps your food hot and ready to serve without overcooking it. You will just have to select your time and temperature for precise cooking.

The two-step recipes use the Auto-iQ Cooking System as a stovetop to sear proteins and build layers of flavour before cooking to perfection. It would enable you to steam veggies for that delightful ‘snap’ or steam light proteins like seafood to play up their naturally subtle flavours. This is the best kitchen assessor to easily cook all sorts of grains like oats and quinoa at just touch of a button. Use this setting to poach meat, fish, and more like poached eggs for breakfast or shrimp cocktail for a classic dinner party appetizer.

This is your oven too. Like, with a controllable range of temperatures from 250° to 425°, you can dry bake hearty roasts or steam bake bread, cakes, and more. More about this can be viewed in lovely comments of customers below.


  • 4 programmable cooking functions for increased versatility
  • Perfect for busy people and beginners since it includes 80+ programmed recipes
  • Triple Fusion heat for faster and even heating
  • Stay warm feature so your food stays fresh
  • Comes with a digital timer
  • Lighweight and easy to use


  • It is quite big in size so check your kitchen space before buying

5. BELLA 6.5 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

BELLA 6.5 QuartLooking for a way to take your meals to the next level? Slow cook likes a pro with the BELLA 6.5 QT Slow Cooker with Searing Pot. This innovative slow cooker allows you to brown and sear your foods on the stovetop to add delicious flavour before locking it in for the slow cooking session.

What’s more, this unit offers 8 pre-set one-touch functions and a 30 minute to 20-hour timer so you can truly set your slow cooker and go! The large capacity serves up to 7+ people making it ideal for the family. Locking lid feature and cool touch handles allow you to take your meals on-the-go to parties and potlucks.

This is the best small slow cooker, which will sear meats first on the stovetop, then finish cooking in the slow cooker for juicy results. It has a programmable setting with 8 pre-set cooking times and temperatures to cook beef, chicken, pork and stew. From now on, you would never feel panic to go into the kitchen. You may just use the 30 min to 20-hour digital countdown timer and go to your business, job, shopping or any part even without having fear of overcooking, over-roasting or spoiling of your food item. The timer and auto IQ will let all done very conveniently and efficiently.

Don’t like dish-washing? No worries. This is really easy to use and clean thanks to the dishwasher-safe cooking pot and tempered glass locking lid for providing a convenient experience in the kitchen. This slow cooker has a removable aluminium pot for browning or searing your meat on the stovetop. After browning, replace the pot in the slow cooker to finish cooking.

Take the guesswork out of slow cooking by selecting one of the eight preset cooking times for chicken, pork, beef, or stew. You can also manually program your desired temperature and time from 30 minutes up to 20 hours. When finished cooking, the slow cooker will automatically shift to the warm setting. Prepare flavorful roasts, soups, and other one-pot meals with this slow cooker. Simply sear your meat, add the rest of your ingredients, and program the cooking time. Dinner will slowly cook as you go about your day. The removable searing pot and tempered glass lid are both dishwashers safe for added convenience.

The Bella Programmable 6.5-Quart Slow Cooker with Searing Pot instruction manual includes a recipe guide to help you create delicious one-pot meals. For more inspiration, check the customers’ reviews given below.


  • Makes a juicy and tender meat results with its sear-slow cook function
  • 8 programmed cooking methods for space and money saving
  • Has a timer in case your mind slips
  • Large 6.5qt Capacity
  • Easy and Convenient to use


  • The locks might be hard to operate
  • Cables are short, it might affect on where you will place this multi-cooker

6. Chefman 6 Qt Multicooker

Chefman 6 Qt.Enjoy healthy, mouth-watering, home-cooked meals without the hassle and mess of oven or stovetop cooking. The Chefman 6 Qt Electric Pressure Cooker is a smart programmable multi-cooker designed to be versatile, convenient and safe. It prepares your favourite homemade dishes up to 70% faster than traditional stovetop methods, using less energy, and producing consistently delicious results with just the push of a button.

This programmable pressure cooker replaces 9 kitchen appliances with built-in smart cooking features; high & low-pressure cooker, rice cooker, yogurt/soup/stew cooker, slow cooker, steamer, saute, chilli maker, beef/poultry cooker & warmer. The ultimate tool for flexible cooking, this electric cooker has a 24-hour timer that delays cooking so you can prepare meals in advance, as well as a keep-warm function to keep your food at the perfect temperature until serving.

The User-friendly digital display shows cooking time, button indicator lights, and one-touch settings for easily adjusting time, temperature, and pressure. Multi-functionality saves you from using multiple pots and pans and 6-quart non-stick pot insert is dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

Prepare dishes in an instant pot insert made of durable aluminium cleans as easily as it cooks and is dishwasher safe. Carry handle includes a locking feature, making it both safe and easy to lift and transfer, while the stainless steel lid has a cool touch finish for added safety. Perfect for picnics, potlucks, or simply bringing from the kitchen to the dining room.

This is the best of digital slow cookers range, which is very efficient and prepares dishes in an Instant. The Chefman 6 Qt Electric Pressure & Multi-cooker is featured with 9-in-1 kitchen appliances, to be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, food steamer, browning-sauté pan, soup maker, and more! Pressure cooker includes 9 built-in programmable features; high pressure, low pressure, rice, soup/stew, chilli/beans, beef/poultry, slow cook, steam, and sauté.

The 24-hour delay timer and keep warm features allow for extra flexibility and convenience. The durable non-stick inner cooking pot is removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The extra accessories include rice paddle and measuring cup.

This 1000 watt energy efficient electric multi-cooker prepares dishes in an instant – up to 70% faster than traditional stovetop cooking methods. Carry handle includes a locking feature for safety & easy transport, and stainless steel lid offers cool-touch exterior for added safety. When making a meal, this cooker is the perfect size to serve the whole family! The spacious 6-quart pot, allows you to make plenty of food. Make sure to always put in at least 1 cup of liquid to ensure enough steam will be created.

It includes access to Club Chef-man for tailor-made step-by-step recipes, tutorial videos, and more! CETL approved with advanced safety technology for long-lasting durability, & 1-year hassle-free warranty provided by Chefman, so you can purchase with surety.


  • 9 in 1 multi-cooker
  • Energy Efficient and Fast to cook
  • has a keep warm feature to help your food maintain its heat
  • Has a delay timer, perfect for busy people who want to get home with a tasty treat
  • Perfect for beginners as it has recipes with tutorial videos included
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty


  • Food area is small compared to the size of the appliance
  • Because of the price, the materials might not be on the highest quality standards

7. COSORI 8 Qt Slow Cooker

COSORI 8Qt Slow CookerThis Cosori 8 Qt. Pressure Cooker includes 3 newly cooking programs: Hot Pot, Pasta/Boil, and Sauté/Brown. Also included is a recipe book packed with delicious meals designed especially for one-pot pressure cooking. Other non-pressure functions include traditional slow cooking with high, normal and low settings. Of course, a manual cooking mode allows you to select your own pressure and temperature levels.

This premium 8-in-1 programmable kitchen appliance with advanced microprocessor technology incorporates all the greatest features. It has new and improved programs and features to continually support your fast-paced, health-conscious lifestyle. It has 8-litres capacity to cook for a whole family at once.The advanced steam technology seals in steam to cook up to 70% faster. This user-friendly cooker Emits no steam when cooking, locks in more nutrients and vitamins. 3-Ply bottom Stainless Steel Inner pot, glass lid and Stainless Steel steam rack with handle are dishwasher safe.

This new appliance is equipped with a large LED display and a new user interface for easily adjusting cooking settings and pressure levels, or stopping the cooking process at any time. Greatly improve your cooking results, and consistently so! The Cosori Pressure Cooker is carefully designed to protect you from many overlooked errors.

It has some Updated features which make it unique from others, like the custom cook times Fahrenheit or Celsius readings (F°/C°); 6 different pressure levels, adjustable temperatures, and 2 manual pressure cooking modes. Now includes pasta/boil and hot pot programs.

As a bonus, it includes the recipe cookbook, steam rack, tempered glass lid for slow cooking, Ladle, rice Spoon, and measuring cup included.

Note: make sure the silicon sealing ring is well-placed inside the lid before cooking and this pressure cooker is only for AC 120V/60Hz. A voltage converter is needed to transfer the power supply to the standard one.

The LED display Makes it easier to read the display as well as set up the pressure cooker. You may adjust your cooking settings on-the-fly, even if you’ve already started cooking. The detachable lid easily comes off the pressure cooker for cleaning. Stainless steel inner pot, glass lid, and steam rack are dishwasher safe.

Moreover, it includes a Pressure Limiter which ensures pressure is kept within safe operating levels. The Lid Lock Safety to prevent the lid from being opened while the cooker is pressurized. The Anti-Clog Protection which helps to keep food particles from blocking the pressure release valve. The Lid Position Monitor which prevents the pressure cooker from operating if the lid is improperly positioned. The Pressure Auto-Control Guard always keeps the pressure in a safe range. The Electrical Current Monitor who automatically turns off pressure cooker if the current exceeds safe operational levels. The Temperature Controller which ensures food is evenly cooked, but not burned. The Excess Temperature Monitor will cut the power to temperature fuse if the internal temperature exceeds.

It’s also ETL, FCC, & FDA certified and maintains 9 proven safety mechanisms to give you uncompromised safety and peace of mind. You Can enjoy 2-year warranty and lifetime support with 30 days unconditional free return and 24/7 personal service. Our responsive and helpful support team is always standby to offer help


  • 8 in 1 cooking functions
  • 17 programs to ease your cooking experience
  • Easy to operate control programs
  • Certified dishwasher safe
  • Fast and efficient in cooking
  • ETL, CETL, FCC & FDA-approved
  • Great Safety Features!
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty


  • Very big and bulky, check your kitchen space before making a purchase if you choose on this one

8. RoadPro1.5 Quart Slow Cooker

RoadPro Slow CookerThe Chefman Electric Pressure Cooker cooks food faster, so you can spend less time in the kitchen. This is the best slow cooker America’s test kitchen approved for. You may get a multi-cooker that can keep up with your busy lifestyle. Simply, replace your pressure cooker, slow cooker, food steamer, rice cooker, browning/saute pan and soup maker with just one appliance. With this, your beef stew will definitely be taken to the next level.

This is your best choice for camping, tailgating and roadside dining, there is nothing quite as handy as this multi-purpose 12-volt slow cooker. Just, Plug it into your 12-volt socket and cook up a batch of soup, stew or chilli while you are busy in enjoying with friends or family.

The removable crock is easy to clean, and the cooker base handles make it easy to carry. Special stretch cord keeps the glass lid secure for travel. Another great innovation from RoadPro, your trusted travel companion, bringing the comforts of home to on-the-go living.

The Cover is not a mere detachable, but inlet of the top cover is also made of stainless steel, that can endure high temperature, pressure, and steam so you can always use it. It helps protect the interior of your rice cooker and makes cleaning simple and easy. The cooker is based with easy-grip handles. The glass lid with stretch cord to keep is featured to keep it secure while cooking.

It is the best choice to have a faster, tastier, and more nutritious food in the blink of an eye. It is featured to be plugged directly into your lighter/power socket. It is a 1.5-quart removable dishwasher safe stoneware crock, which you will just love to have in your kitchen. If this is not enough, you may check the customers’ comment, which is full of love, admiration and appreciation.


  • Easy to carry handles
  • Perfect for travels and personal use as it is small
  • 6 feet cord so you don’t have to worry much about placement
  • Stoneware crock
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Insulation is a big problem, it gets hot fast.
  • Easily slides because the bottom is smooth, a big problem because of its insulation.

9. Calphalon Digital Sauté Slow Cooker

Calphalon Digital Slow CookerYou may enjoy Sear, brown, sauté, and slow cook all in one pot for maximum flavour with the Calphalon Digital Sauté Slow Cooker.

The cooking pot removes and can be placed on electric, gas, or induction cooktops to brown or sear ingredients before slow cooking. LCD digital display provides intuitive control of multiple cooking modes, for tender pulled pork, curry chicken, paella, beef and more. Now, the beef stew you will be having an irresistible tender taste.

The non-stick ceramic coating is easy to clean and delivers 11 times more durability than standard non-stick surfaces. The Calphalon slow cooker is perfect for one-pot family dinners with its 5.3-quart capacity. The cooking pot is also oven safe for further heating, cooking, and warming options. Gorgeous dark stainless steel will enhance any kitchen’s countertop and metal construction provides long-lasting durability. Further, it is PTFE and PFOA free.

The Calphalon Digital Saute Slow cooker is featured with various incredible functions to help you in the kitchen. It will make your life much easier and enjoyable with helping you in almost every kitchen-related task, whether it is about cooking, boiling, browning, roasting baking or soup making. You may conveniently sear, brown, sauté, & slow cook all in one pot for maximum flavour.

The cooking pot is oven safe and compatible with electric, gas, and induction cooktops. it is digitally programmable which controls the functions at ease. It is very compatible with your eating habits and tastes to provide best-flavoured items in every type of eat-up. It is a fast food release and easy to clean.

Sear, sauté, and slow cook all in one pot with the Calphalon Digital Sauté Slow Cooker. The cooking pot can be removed to brown and sear food on electric, gas, or induction cooktops before slow cooking. The LCD digital display provides intuitive control of the cooking modes. Nonstick ceramic coating cleans easily and delivers more durability than standard nonstick surfaces. The slow cooker is perfect for one-pot dinners with a 5.3-quart capacity and is oven safe.

It will enable 2 heat settings to be compatible with your cooking style. It will keep your food warmer and fresher with the auto keep-warm mode. You may get more detailed features with a glance on customer’s reviews at the bottom of the page.


  • Easy to read with LED lights
  • Easy to clean
  • Keep warm feature so your food stays hot
  • Compatible with almost all counter tops
  • Made with Ceramic for even cooking
  • Easy to operate with Digital Controls
  • Lighweight


  • Nothing to find as of Now

10. KitchenAid KSC6223SS

KitchenAid KSC6223SSThe KitchenAid KSC6223SS is much helpful to keep your stuff cooked and flavoured at full peak. It includes 4 temperature settings; LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, KEEP WARM to ensure your culinary creations come out the way you intend them. The oval-shaped ceramic vessel is removable to provide an easy clean-up and compatible with dishwasher.

Program the slow cooker for a specific cooking time up to 24 hours in 30-minute increments. After the time ends, the slow cooker automatically goes into keep warm mode for up to four hours. The large capacity is perfect for small and large recipes from soups to roasts. The illuminated digital display ensures easy viewing of the remaining cook time and temperature while in use.

The dual-sided hinged lid features twisting handles to ensure easy one-handed operation. Included on model KSC6222SS only. If you are new to cooking and feel very scared about the new experiences, just don’t get panic. This cooker is featured with an intelligent Voice Navigation system, which is available in different languages and very effective in keeping the experience of using the multi-cooker easy and intuitive.

If all this is not enough, you may check the customers’ reviews on the given page.


  • 24 hour programmable timer for ease of use
  • Easy to read LED Display
  • Easy to open uniquely designed lids
  • Cooking area is made with ceramic which makes high quality even cooking and is certified dishwasher safe


  • Reports that the lid does not perfectly fit

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