Getting Over a Heartbreak Fast – What Most People Fail to See

Getting Over a Heartbreak Fast

Getting Over a Heartbreak Fast

If you are one of the people who has never experienced a heartbreak, consider yourself lucky. However, for the majority of us, we have experienced it or maybe, you are currently heartbroken that you have to browse on the internet for some advice on how to move on.

Well good news, i have something that will help you in the process. I have been there, I know getting over a heartbreak fast is not an easy task. In fact, getting over a heart break without some guidance can cause detrimental effects on an individual. So today, I am going to shed some light to you as I will be give you tips and guidance on how to mend your broken heart not just fast but will surely make yourself thank you for it in the future.


We know what it is because we feel it. It is a feeling that is worst. We want to meet the one we missed but we can’t. We think that the efforts we have made were made in vain. That is a heartbreak, we don’t need to put much details on what it is because it is an emotion. It is normal because you have an emotional attachment to a certain person, but that is what we will be targeting here. How to handle that emotion well.

Recognize that It is an Addiction

What most people fail to see is that it is an addiction. According to studies, the brain activity of someone who is heart broken is the same as the people who are addicted to abusive substances. Your brain craves for him/her, it misses how you are happy with them but they are just instantly gone. What you feel? They are withdrawal symptoms, and going through a breakup or moving on is in the same manner on how you are going to quit in an actual addiction.

The feel good hormone dopamine is instantly gone. So your brain craves for it. It panics because it wants to feel good. You want to feel good! Then suddenly, poof! it is gone. Your brain goes into an overdrive and is wondering what is happening? Signaling you to have a lot of emotion giving you a sad feeling.

You are not AloneMoving On

One thing you need to remember is that almost all the people experienced what you are having. I also had so I am writing this article to share what helped me get over it. Do not be discourage or lose hope. Break ups can be part of a process for a new better you. πŸ™‚

Mending a Broken Heart

How to Get Through it

Alright! It is an addiction and I am not alone. What does it have to do with me? Is maybe you are saying right now. One thing I have to impart is that knowing is a part of the curing process. Since you know it is an addiction, you should consider it as an addiction and you need to gather every willpower that you have to get through it. So let us see how to get through it like a boss.

Check your Phone Please?

One of the things that you can do first is making a list of the things you hate about the person on a note inside your phone. Your phone usually has a note app right? Why your phone? Because you carry it all the time! You always have it with you. If you miss the person, just say in your head “Phone please?” and view your phone. In there, you will find all the things negative you wrote about them. It is a good way as you can’t control when will be the time that you will experience withdrawal symptoms. So here comes your phone to the rescue. Simple but I promise it to be a very effective way on moving on.

Go Cold Turkey

Yes! You got it right! It is an addiction so going Cold Turkey with the combination of your Phone please motto will get you through the moving on process. Actually you got the 2 most important keypoints in this blog. This will get you through the moving on process. Get rid of all your contacts of the person and throw all the things that will remind you of them. Unfollow and remove them from your friends list on social media. I mean remove everything that remind you about them. I mean everything. Trust me, this is the fastest way to do it.

As you go cold turkey, your brain might make excuses on what if he/she calls me, texts me, chat with me, what if I can’t reply immediately. No excuses, remove them immediately. Block them, I don’t care. Not doing that will add fire to your addiction, always remember it is an addiction and something that would remind you of them is just like lighting a cigarette in front of someone trying to quit smoking. So please, gather your willpower to get over yourself fast. You will thank yourself in the future.

Realize that It will take time

Know this, I am saying it will be fast. Yes, going cold turkey will make the moving on process faster but realize that It takes time. We have been through it. We all know that what we actually need is time. Time to accept the reality. Time to forget. We have to go through it. The important thing here is the time that you have to focus on yourself. πŸ™‚

Use it as an Opportunity

Working hardI said that you have time to focus on yourself. Use this as an opportunity to focus on yourself. Build yourself up, step up your career. Do the things you want to do. Realize that you are now free! You can be busy improving yourself. See it as an opportunity to increase your worth. They are not your world. Do something that would make the future you proud of yourself.

Bonus tip: Getting yourself very busy will focus your attention on a certain task. Making you forget that pain inside. It definitely helped me a lot, also the achievements you achieve because of focusing on tasks will feel good afterwards. I hope it does for you as well.

Moving On

Now you know what to do to move on. Now let us check on the things that you will encounter on your journey to freedom!

Realizations As you Get Through a Break Up

  • They are not your world
  • You have a lot of opportunity in front of you
  • You are free to do what you want
  • True friends will be supporting you

Meet New People

As you go through a break up. You will start to meet new people. Meet new friends! you might even have another circle. You might meet the right one for you, if you decide to date again, check your phone please? I mean learn from the past breakup and do not make the same mistake again. Choose wisely! πŸ˜€

Focus on Yourself

Focus on yourself! You have tons of opportunities waiting for you. How about traveling to the dream place you wish to go. Learning a new hobby or skill. Upgrading or Switching your career. You can even start your very own business. The opportunities are limitless and you have all the time you have! Do something that your future you will thank you for.

P.S.: What I did after my breakup is I starting my own online business. I am a science student with no knowledge on making a website. However , wealthy affiliate helped me and as a result, I had the opportunity to write this article for you, on the website that I created. I want to thank them by sharing their link to you. Click here to see and try their service for free


Breakups are tough, but if you follow my guide and recognize that it is an addiction. Which means that you should go cold turkey, check your phone, know that it takes time, and consider it as an opportunity to improve. Your will thank yourself for it in the future.

If you some questions, feel free to ask. Leave a comment below. I will be glad to help you.


Jason, owner of chillaxeasy.com

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Getting Over a Heartbreak Fast - What Most People Fail to See
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Getting Over a Heartbreak Fast - What Most People Fail to See
What Most People Fail to See to the moving on process is that is in an addiction that needs to be addressed right away.
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  1. Thanks, Jason. I didn’t know about the addiction aspect of relationships and how we are controlled by the dopamine release in our brain. Your realization as you get through the breakup are great!
    Keep up the good work.
    Kind regards

    1. Post

      Thank you, I am happy that you learned something in the article I made. If you have further questions of inquiries, you may ask me.


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  2. Dear Jason, you seem to have had a bad breakup as the post has a deep meaning to it… My thought is everybody should go through a break-up as it teaches you a lot of things… More importantly, how foolish and naive we are when we first fall in love πŸ™‚ Liked ur article and the “phone please” method.

  3. Hi Jason,

    Great advice here! Well, first time I fell in ‘love’ I was lost like a lost puppy – and she knew it. Anways, when we broke up I had just lost my job. I spent the next 3 months sitting around not knowing what to do with myself. Its tough. Even taking a walk reminded me of her.

    One day, I woke up and suddenly felt better. I got on with my life. Looking back she had no intention of ever marrying me – I was just some fun-time-guy for her. Oh well, I know better now.

    Thanks Jason and keep up the great work.


  4. This makes so much sense and does explain what to me sounded odd back when the Titanic movie was aired. There were reports of people, friends, etc., meeting just to see the movie to be able to cry, cry and cry some more. Addiction explains it and instead of needlessly reliving the emotional pain, whether from a real breakup or other, just the awareness would sober me up.

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