How to Form a Good Habit – 13 Effective Tips

How to Form A Good Habit

How to Form a Good Habit

In our last article, we tackled about the importance and benefits of having good habits. I had to make this article about how to form a good habit because I had a reader that messaged me saying that she needs to make good habits but doesn’t know how.

As I said in my last article, the first step in building a good habit is to first understand its benefits so you are already in the first step in making good ones, if you are here first time, I suggest that you check first my article on the benefits of good habits to give you the motivation, and have a great start. Check it out here: Importance of Good Habits

On the process of making good habits, I have used the tips I had written in order to help me and I also used them. I have proven these tips to be the most helpfu tipsl in my life, so feel free to use them too.

We need to start first on explaining another importance of a good habit since we did not put much focus on it in the last article.

The reason is consistency. You can’t have an amazing body with a single workout, do not also expect to be healthy after a single healthy meal, nor expect to know a lot of things after reading once, be an expert after playing the guitar once. As one guitar expert have said, it is better to practice the guitar for 15 minutes each day than do it for 3 hours every week.

Tips on Making Good Habits

1. Stay Consistent

I know you have heard about this all the time but this is the most obvious and the key to making a good habit. In fact, the remaining tips will circle around this tip and would make staying consistent much easier.

The saying that it takes 21 days to make a new habit is false. You can’t say that because there are too many factors such as difficulty of the task, environment, principles, etc. The 21 days rule is just something they made up in order to sell their 21 days life changing course. I said this because I do not want you to be fooled.

2. Focus on the Easy One Take it Easy

To start forming a good habit, do an easy one first. If you want to make workout a habit, how about a 5 minute exercise? Want to make meditation into a habit? Make a 3-minute session each day. Starting a healthy diet? How about starting on one meal each day. The easier, the better you will do things consistently.

Start on the easy one and gradually increase as you see that it is already easy for you to do.

3. One at a Time

I did it before. I will wake up at 4:30AM and then Meditate then do exercise, and then read a book. What happened? I don’t want to do it 3 days later.

Our willpower is being used up. It is a finite resources. If you did what I did before, you will just lose motivation on making a good habit. What I suggest is you do it one at a time. I started Meditating first. When it became a habit, I included learning every day. I am currently incorporating exercise into my habits and it is going well.

4. Do Not Compare, Focus on Yourself

One of the problem I see when people start small and focus on a single task, is they compare themselves to others. If you are just starting exercising, it is out of the blue to compare yourself to someone who is going for the gym for years.

Focus and improve upon yourself. Compete with yourself on making yourself better each day. The moment you start comparing is when you start to lose hope. You can’t compare your body with someone who is going to the gym for 3 years if you are just doing it for a week.

Instead, just do it at your own pace. Do it slowly, easily, one at a time. You will be happy in a few years time. Wow that rhymes. πŸ˜€

5. Know the Specifics

I once wondered why I said that I want to exercise but I just couldn’t. I hate exercising so I wrote on a piece of paper what exactly do I hate about exercising and, please take note that I still hate it until now.

Upon investigating myself, I found out that I don’t want to exercise because I am too lazy to put on some workout clothes, go to the gym, save a parking slot and I can’t stand on paying for the gym monthly. So what I did was I bought two dumbbells, learned how to use it, and doing the workouts on my home. I now do it for 3 times a week I might not have the body of a bodybuilder but I am proud of what my body looks like. It was pure effort. Have I not studied what the specific thing I hated in the first place, maybe I might still be someone who doesn’t do exercise.

6. Do not Ever Miss Twice

This is one of the rules that I live by. Do not ever miss twice. If I get too busy and missed a workout session. I wouldn’t worry too much and lose hope because I see people get demotivated the moment they missed a gym session. They say things like I really do suck and will leave the gym forever. Well do not be like them. It is alright to miss a session of working out but learn from it and do not miss it twice. Your habit will still form even if you miss a session in these weeks to come. It is alright okay? breathe and move on.

Remember to do it the next time.

7. Accountability

I once use swear words a lot. I am not proud of it and I do not like it. So to make a habit of not saying those words, I told my friends that If I will talk with him and would use a swear word, I would give him a penny for each one of those. Truth be told, he liked it so much that every time he hears me say a swear word, he would immediately say. ” A penny please.”

I am losing money this time and I know that I did that to remove my bad habit so I did my best to remove it and kept thinking before I even speak. True enough, I removed my bad habit in about 3 days.

You may use that to your advantage, pay someone when you miss a gym session. If you missed a meditation session. Be honest about it. If it worked for me, it might work for you. I might have lost money, but I earned a new habit from it.

8. The Hook Method

Are you a fan of games? Do you like the feeling when the objectives got finished? Then this is the perfect one for you. What you do is when you finish the task you need for today, CROSS it out in your calendar. You will want to cross it every single day and It becomes addictive. Look at what I did with mine.

My Calendar

As you can see, there is the cross on everyday I made a meditation. It is alright to miss one day, but never twice right? Try it! It is fun!

9. Proper Note Taking – clear intentions, schedule

A supplement to the hook method is proper note taking on the things that you need to do in the future. This is actually one of the most effective ways that I incorporated in my life. Proper preparation is needed. A man once said, “Proper preparation prevents bad performance.” So is your performance in making whatever habit you want to form.

10. Reward yourself

There is nothing more important than to reward yourself. You are doing a great job, why not reward yourself so you can have something to look up to? I go to spa every 2 weeks after working hard every day. How about having a piece of dark chocolate after working out?

Hey, I am not out of my mind. Studies have shown that Dark chocolates can help you lose weight and add muscle. Just do not binge eat. My point is to have some reward for yourself. Do not forget that you are also human. Even the people you look up to are human beings. They do have some reward time for themselves. Chillax, Easy, I hope you got my website name on that. πŸ™‚

11. Environment

Environment is important. You will want to workout more if the place is convenient. You would want to meditate on a quiet place. Whatever it is. Your environment is also a key, or a factor I should say on an easier way to incorporate habits into our lives.

A man once said that the first thing you need to do in changing your lives is to clean your room. That is not surprising considering that your environment is one of the key factors in changing your life. Not just your habits, but also your quality of life overall.

12. Tell me who your Friends are and I can Tell You Who You are

I told you how I removed the habit of using swear words right? I used a friend of mine to remove it but there is something more to that.

If you surround yourself with people who like working out, you will eventually be someone who also likes to go to a gym. If you surround yourself with people who you want to be, you will eventually be like them. That is the rule of life. Never ever forget that. If you want to improve, surround yourself with people that also likes to improve themselves. It is a simple rule but I realized about that sooner and I want to share it with you now.

13. Go have a Monthly Subscription

I have two monthly subscriptions. One I use it to learn new skills, the second is for me to continuously improve this website.

They are Skillshare and Wealthy Affiliate. Skillshare is a platform where I pay monthly in order to learn some new skills. I promise you, whatever you wan to learn. They have a course for it.

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If I just check my monthly statement and see that well, they charged me money again. I need to post a new blog, I need to learn a new skill. I am learning to create videos on skill share right now because I want to make my own YouTube channel about self-help like this website.

If you want to check them out, you can click on the buttons below

Skillshare has a first 2 months free subscription, and Wealthy affiliate has a free membership.

With regards to Wealthy Affiliate, I suggest you first read how to succeed in it. I do not want you to go to this venture without knowledge at all. They would teach you how to make an online business, but If you want to stand out in competition, check my guide in this article: Wealthy Affiliate Guide

Where to Start?

Alright, you know how to make good habits, but where to start? What habit to start?

Here is a Video Guide I found in Youtube, I would like to thank Improvement Pill for this awesome video.

Upcoming Article

In the next article, we are going to talk about how to change your bad habits into good ones. Stay Tuned!

Here it is! take a look πŸ˜€

How to change Bad Habits into Good Ones

Petite of Saying

I just can’t end my article without a petite of saying so here it goes.

“Consistency is the Key to Happiness.” Being consistent will surely make a habit and as you know from the previous article, forming new habits will make you thank yourself in the future. You will surely be happy when you look back and see for yourself how much you have changed for the better.

If you know someone who needs to read this article, make sure to share it to them.


That’s all guys! See you around

Jason of Chillax Easy


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  1. I have read your blog and as a medical student, this is helpful for me especially the course that i am currently in is difficult. Thank you for posting this, will read your other blogs ☺️

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  2. Hi Jason,

    Have you ever heard of the Kaizen principle?

    What you mention towards the end really reminds me of this. Just making small changes to improve on a regular basis.

    Consistency is the key to forming any new habit. I cannot agree with this more. Habits make up how we live our lives so if we want our lives to look a certain way all we have to do is create good habits.

    The main point that I learnt from is being specific. Until we actually write out what we want to see or get the knowledge of how to do something, then we can never form a habit! We can’t do what we don’t know after all!!

    I took so much from this thank you for sharing!


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      Hey Mike,

      Great comment. I heard about the Kaizen principle a few years back, and the memories are now coming back to me. You are right, consistency is a key in forming a new habit. Thank you for pointing this out. This principle doesn’t just pertain to our habits, but life in general. I currently experienced this and due to the tasks at hand, I recently felt burned-out.

      Thank you for reminding this to me. Well, I learned something from you and had an epiphany because of that. I will keep going. Thanks Mike!

      Kind Regards,


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