How to Increase Productivity at Work – 10 Efficiency Hacks



How to Increase Productivity at Work

In the course of my articles, I have stressed out how important work life balance is. However, there are times that you just have so many things to do and you just can’t rest. Maybe these productivity tips would help you finish those task and would give you the rest that you deserve. So in this article, I am going to show you how to Increase productivity at work.

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1. Finish Easy Task First

According to Steve Olenski, completing tasks that takes only 2 minutes to complete will make you more productive. For the following reasons:

  1. It gives you a sense of completion
  2. Your brain can do 100% focus on a task
  3. Some easy task do not require full power of your brain

Finishing a simple task will surely boost your confidence and make you more productive throughout the day, Your brain can also do 100% concentration on only a short period. Making this a very good way to complete a task with absolute reliability. Moreover, some easy to complete task do not even require your brain’s full power. Making it an easier to finish other tasks at hand.

The 2 minutes rule doesn’t only apply to small task, you can also use this to start a very complicated task. Since it is easier to gather willpower to finish a task once you have already started it.

2. Deep Work

Did you know that 3 hours of deep work is considered to be better than 3 days of unproductive in finishing a task? You will save a lot of time there! So here is how it works, our brain can only be able to concentrate on a certain task on a certain period. However, our brains are different from person to person. Some people can do deep work for 20 minutes, some can even do it for 50 minutes! You can find out yourself by timing yourself while concentrating on a task and when you felt like you keep on thinking of something else or your brain feels depleted, that’s your limit.

However, doing that is hard. We do not have a very accurate way of measuring your concentration. We can’t attach instruments to our head to measure brain activity. So is there a way to do Deep work without testing yourself? Yes and we will discuss it later in this article and it is called the Pomodoro technique

3. Quit Multitasking

According to Professor Earl K. Miller, “Multitasking is not Humanly Possible.” We are just fooling ourselves when we think we can juggle emails, phone calls, presentations all at the same time. Even writing this article requires my full attention and I am not disturbed by anything else. I know, it is really tempting to do small tasks in between, but I am telling you. It is killing your productivity. Just one at a time okay?

4. Switch off Notification

The ultimate killer of deep work, Imagine on a full throttle on doing something then a text message or an email pops up. You lost focus and instead of doing a lot of tasks, you have to start putting back your focus on a task again and that takes too much of time to be back again, and then a social media notification comes and you are excited to browse your feed. Forgetting the task you have been doing.

it is the ultimate productivity killer. Switch it off, even for a while when finishing the task at hand. You will thank yourself for it.

How-to-Increase-Productivity-at-Work5. Keep Track of time

Track and keep time, there is a time for deep work, there is a time to play, there is a time to check your emails. Do not juggle them. There is also a time for breaks, your brain can remain on focus for a definite period.

After that, you should rest. Going through more is not productive enough. However, there big is a problem in this. How much rest do you need to regain your focus? Maybe you will take a break for 2 hours and just browse your social media feed or check vlogs. Well that is really a big question, when can you tell yourself to get back to work again because you can focus well again? Well the Pomodoro Technique has an answer to that and will be discussed below.

6. Pomodoro Technique

In the late 1980s , The Pomodoro technique is developed by an Italian named Francesco Cirillo. Pomodoro came from an Italian word meaning “Tomatoes”, which came from the tomato shaped alarm clock Cirillo used when he was a college student.

Pomodoro technique has 6 steps in it Namely

There are six steps in the original technique:

  1. Decide on the task to be done.
  2. Set the pomodoro timer which is usually 25 minuutes
  3. Work on the task.
  4. After Finishing the task, time a short break for 5 minutes then go back to step 2
  5. That would be considered as one pomodoro cycle
  6. After four pomodoro cycles, take a longer break for 30 minutes, reset your timer and go back to step 1

That is a lot to time right? Thankfully there is an internet program that is specialized in the pomodoro technique. Feel free to use the Pomodoro Timer here. No worries, it is a free tool. Cool huh?

Pomodoro Technique combined a lot of productivity hacks together, hence a very powerful tool.

One thing you have to take note is that you should ALWAYS not multitask and ALWAYS close your notifications during the work period.

7. Work Life Balance

Researches show that people who have a very healthy work life balance have a lot better productivity compared to the ones who doesn’t. As I said, we can only focus on a certain task or work on a certain period. After that, we need a break. As explained earlier, focus is an integral part of productivity.

8. Don’t be Reactive

Being reactive means being controlled by the outside factors. In this busy world, this will lead to a very poor productivity. You should set a definite schedule on a certain task at hand, not the other way around. An example in this is emails, maybe you check your email every time and that is just wrong. You can’t focus if there are notifications keep popping every time. There is a time for everything, finish a task then check your email. Maybe set your E-mail reading time in the morning or in the evening. The rest is for anything else. Do not let this destroy your focus. Make time for the important tasks you need to do.

9. Deadlines

Yes, deadlines. There are times, including me, that we experience procrastination. Well it is normal since we are human being. If you want to understand more about procrastination, you may watch this funny and interesting video about procrastination.

Anyway, as explained in this video. Deadlines just makes us break the habit of procrastination, and it is normal. We are human beings and we tend to procrastinate things. This is actually the best solution for it.

10. Journal Writing/ To Do ListIncrease-Productivity

A good journal writing on the task you need to do is a good way on finishing the tasks at hand. I will write an article about effective journal writing soon.

Final Thoughts

Productivity is very important, we need to accept that we only have a finite time in this world. Remember that each of us have dreams that we want to achieve. What is amazing is we live in a time when information is easy to find. Use it well, productivity hacks don’t come easy. In fact, I finish college without knowing these things. I only I have known them earlier. I could’ve had better grades in school. But that is the past, my point is use them and I hope that you get awesome results.

All the best to you,

Jason, Owner of

How to Increase Productivity at Work - 10 Ways to Be Fast and Efficient
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How to Increase Productivity at Work - 10 Ways to Be Fast and Efficient
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