Importance of a Work and Life Balance – A Crucial Truth

Importance of a Work and Life Balance

Considering a 40 hours work week, an average man works for about 10.5 years in their entire lifetime. However, in our time, this is not the case anymore. Work can sometimes reach 68 hours in a single week, or even 80 hours in a week. Work tends to get our whole lives and it gets worse, as it gets through our life outside work, this would cause in a toxic feeling inside of us. Leaving us empty inside, and an unexplainable feeling that you don’t know who you are outside of it.

With the advent of technology and the business world becoming a lot busy, work life balance became much harder to achieve. Texts, calls , social media, unending emails and notifications about work tend to reach us even if we are at home resting and sometimes, even on a vacation. The result is a restless mind that will be bad not just for our mental, but also our physical health

Work is significant on our daily lives. We worked hard to attain it. Some of us even finished many years in College just to have work. Work in itself isn’t bad. It gives us something to spend on things that you need to survive every day such as food, and bills. However, too much of a thing is always and will always be bad for us.

Knowing how big work is part of our lives, I begun researching and thinking for some answers and now, I have gathered some points on the Importance of a Work and Life Balance in our lives.

1. Reduces Burn-out

Working all the time causes our minds go on an overdrive, constant emails, phone calls, notifications and deadlines makes us uneasy. That could lessen our motivation on doing things. It may also cause you to be too tired on doing things outside work.

Burn-outs lessen your productivity which makes a proper work-life balance important. There are times when a break from work is relevant for you.

2. Increases Productivity


Studies reveal that those who maintain a steady work-life balance are much more productive than those who do not. This automatically leads to amazing results. Do not also forget that companies tend to find not just hardworking people, they need productive people more! If you can separate work and life outside work, you become more focused on things on the time of need.

More focused on things means much more productive. A 3-hour productive focused work is said to be better than a 3 day of unfocused work. The difference on the things that you can do on 3 hours on full focus is very significant that some companies allow their employees to fully focus on a single task before assigning them on something else. Also, if you need to do uninterrupted work, A quick tip I can give you is you may turn off notifications on your phone for a short period. It will work wonders, try it. 😛

If you are wondering on how to increase your productivity, How about checking my other article about how to increase productivity at work here

Free-Alive3. Awareness on Important Things

As you start separating work and life to give time for yourself. You will be aware on the things that would make you happy in life. Realizing you want to travel to a certain place or maybe start a new hobby, or like me, making my own blog. This is not only for yourself. Maybe more time for your family and kids, I always see people get frustrated that they didn’t have time before to see their children. You can spend some quality time with them! It would always be worth it.

4. More Time for Self Improvement

Have you been caught on a time when you just feel so stagnant in life? That you have not done anything relevant despite work? How about your desire to learn to play some musical instrument? You want to learn a new language? Why can’t you do it? It sucks to feel like you have not done something for yourself in a long time right? I also experienced that. Work and life balance definitely gave me time for myself. I learned 2 new languages, started to play guitar and learned to dance. It made me satisfied in what I have right now and to strive to be better in the future.

5. Better Career for your Future

Since you have more time to improve on yourself, your career and future that lies ahead would be a lot brighter. Learning a new language would surely be able to land a better job or be promoted. International companies definitely need them right? How about reading and updating your current knowledge about your career? People around you might even be surprised and amazed on your self-improvement.

6. Better Overall healthHeart-Health

Studies have shown that more work hours is directly correlated with the dependence to alcohol and smoking abuse. Another, overwork leads to a lot of health problems. It would cause headaches and the worse is if your brain in on an overdrive, you may even have insomnia. This may cause you on some serious health problems such as obesity and mental problems such as anxiety and depression. Earning money is useless if you will just spend in the hospital.



Álways remember that “You work to live, you don’t live to work”. You only have one life, take care of it. Work is important. It gives you money to spend on your needs and wants, to survive in your everyday lives, but as of everything, balance is important. You earn money but do not stress yourself too much that you work to exhaust yourself. Hospital bills are expensive.

How about giving yourself a break? have a vacation, make time to ask yourself. I am sure you will find something out. I do not know your dreams and desires in life but I am sure that if you ask yourself, you will find it out. Do things for yourself, make yourself happy by doing the things you dream of, and to tell yourself in the future that you have no regrets because you did what you want. Cheers to you!!


All the best to you,


Jason, Owner of

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Importance of a Work and Life Balance - A Crucial Truth
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Importance of a Work and Life Balance - A Crucial Truth
In this article we will discover how important work and life balance is to us, especially on making time for yourself.
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