Importance of Good Habits – The 4 Benefits

Importance of Good Habits

We were always told to form good habits. What is a good habit? What are the importance of good habits?

The first step in creating a good habit is to know what it does for you. If we just know what are the advantages of having these, we will surely be motivated and forming this becomes a lot easier.

Importance of Good Habits

What is a Habit

A habit is a set of activities with a regular consistency. Habits are incorporated in our own selves and is hard to give it up. Which means that whether it is a bad or a good habit, it will be hard to change a formed habit.

Habits consist of almost half of our activities in a single day. From the time we usually eat, the track we use to go to work, our means of transportation to everything that is included in our lives.

According to the book “The Power of Habit.” Habits come from a part of our brain called the basal ganglia which is in its deepest part. These habits are formed because our brain wants an easy way to do things. In short, you do things that required less energy. Which is a good thing because it means, you can have more energy to do more complicated tasks.

Good Habits

So what exactly is a good habit? Good habits are things that will improve yourself. Whatever it is that pulls you forward such as learning, exercising and meditating is a good habit.

Do not also forget that good habits are not the same for everyone. Some habits are good for you, some are not. For example, it is a good habit for you to visit your parents every week. For some, it is not. They might have some emotional aspect in those things and might be detrimental for them. Do not generalize.

However, in this article, we are talking about good habits that will bring your lifestyle to the next level.

Advantages of having Good Habits

To increase your motivation on making good habits, I would list here the important benefits that good habits give us.

1. It will make Self-improvement Easier.

So here is Chillax Easy, I love to talk about self-improvement and one of the easiest way to improve thyself is to form a good habit. Once you form a good habit, it is well incorporated in your brain. Whether it is such as exercising, meditating, reading a book or whatever it is that you plan on doing, it will be easier. You automatically do it. If you read a book every day, your knowledge will increase little by little without much effort. If you exercise every day, your body will get better without much effort.

Whether it is career, personal, social or anything else you want to improve, habit is your friend. However small it is, it is crucial. Remember that great things happen because of the small things.

2. It Reduces the Amount of Willpower Required

Habits will consume only a bit of willpower, some will not consume at all. Workouts still consume some motivation for me, getting up on the bed at 4:30 in the morning still is, but not as hard as before. You just need to push through it. It will soon be easier.

Some on the other hand requires no willpower at all such as reading a book or self education blogs, going for a walk outside and socializing with other people.

Again, do not generalize good habits. The examples above are for me. It might take willpower for you to socialize, I respect that, it might take no willpower for you to wake up in the morning, You are lucky. We are all not the same. The important thing is habits reduce or removes the willpower required to complete certain tasks

3. You can Achieve More Things

Now that you know that habits will consume a little or no willpower, you can use that to your advantage. Start a new habit such as exercising, running, reading and many more. Whatever it is, use your willpower on something else. Never settle, you start dying the moment you stop dreaming. Go reach your dreams! Appreciate what you have and always strive for more.

What others Fail to See

4. You will Love Yourself More

To give you some more motivation in starting to form good habits, here is the thing that the others tend to forget. You will love yourself more as you get better. You will see the achievements you make, the comparison of the past and the new you. It will be amazing.

Here is Chillax Easy, we say that it is good to concentrate on your present. Actually this is what almost everyone is saying about being happy, but I also want to stress out how important looking up to the future is. Do you want it to be good to you or do you want it to be bad for you? Will you just let time go and let fate decide, or you will create your own fate? Will you just wait for luck to come, or you will you create your own luck?

You have to decide what are your answers. See yourself in the future, don’t let your dreams be dreams. Start now! Improve yourself and habits will be your partner in making it easier.

Journey to a New you

What are you waiting for? Start now! Start it small. Now that you know the advantages of good habits, you will be curious on how to create one. Here is the article I have made in making a New habit! Check it out below!

How to Form a Good habit

I also have an article about changing your bad habits into good ones

How to Change Bad Habits into Good Habits

Petite of Saying

In this world, you go up or you go down. You can never be on the same position all the time. Whether we go up or down is all up to you and habits will be your companion.

Do not forget to comment and share this page to those who you think that needs self-motivation.


Lots of love to all of you,

Jason of Chillax Easy

Importance of Good Habits
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Importance of Good Habits
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