Learning to Relax your Mind: A Road to Happiness

Learning to Relax your Mind

Learning to Relax your Mind

In my last Article, I talked about the 10 Natural Ways to control Anxiety, you may find the link here: https://chillaxeasy.com/articles/relax-10-natural-ways-to-control-anxiety/

In this busy world, we are full of stressors. Unending phone calls, text messages, social media and unending notifications clumps up in our minds. There are times that we just need a quick break from them. Learning to relax your mind at those times is crucial for our mental health. Not to mention, a clear and relaxed mind can be more focused and will surely help your productivity!

Your Diet

What you put in your mouth definitely gets inside your body. Some nutrients found on certain foods would definitely give you a boost!

1. Chamomile

Research have shown that drinking chamomile tea aids in the relaxation of their subjects. Another study on Phytomedicine Tea-Relax-Mindfound out that long-term chamomile use “significantly” reduces moderate-to-severe symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.

So why not enjoy a cup of Chamomile tea on a busy day?

2. Green tea

Green tea is packed with L-Theanine, a chemical that relieves anger. How about instead of getting into rage from stress, enjoy a cup of green tea. In addition, it really tastes good!

3. Dark Chocolate

According to Dr.Berk, the higher the cacao consumption, the happier you become. In a research on Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Centre in Southern California, in addition of dark chocolates making you happier from the sugar, consuming dark chocolate can also have a positive effect on your brain health.

Sweets usually calm your nerves. They are also packed with Anti-oxidants and Anti-Inflammatory agents. Please do note that the researches are done using dark chocolate. So how about a break and nibble some chocolate?

4. Mango

Mango is not just a tasty treat, it is also packed with linalool with lowers stress levels. Also, same as the dark chocolate section, sugar calms your nerves. How about a sip of a freshly squeezed cold mango juice or a shake on a tiring day?

Achieving Inner Peace

Relaxation of your Mind does not mean you have to buy something. Below are ways to relax your mind even at home.

ways-to-relax-your-mind1. Meditation

Yes, mindfulness meditation is a sweet medicine on a clumped mind. Just sit in a quiet place and time your phone. 5 minutes for a beginner is usually fine, some people do 15 to even 30 minutes.

You have a timer on your phone so you will not worry how long are you sitting in that place, since at first, you will feel that the 5 minutes meditation is unusually long. So do not check it, leave it behind and put all your attention on your breathing. As you do it, your mind will wander. Just put in back on your breathing. By doing this every day, you will feel a lot more peaceful than ever.

2. Yoga

A regular Yoga practice can assist reducing stress, anxiety and tension in your body. The downside of this is you need to be tutored for this.

If you really want to do yoga, I suggest you go to a yoga class or if you do not have a budget for expensive yoga classes, I have prepared a promo for you using skillshare and you will have 2 months of classes absolutely free, if you are interested, you may click the photo below.

3. Count Backwards

Counting backwards really helps put the focus of your mind into something else. Something I do in times when there are a lot of people beside me. Hey, I can’t sit and do meditation in a crowd right? It is a really good quick fix!

4. Try Closing your Eyes

I am sure you have experienced being very angry ang instead of letting it out and suffer the consequences, You just closed your eyes and breathe deeply. We all do that since it is our body’s go to reaction to those circumstances, and they sure are very effective! It helps us get through tough times.

5. Progressive Relaxation

Just flex your body muscles and relax then repeat until you’re satisfied. It is effective and I use it sometimes when I can’t sleep due to overthinking on the things that occurs in life. Actors also use them to get through their tension. You can also try it. Maybe this one will work wonders for you.


1. Essential oils

The scent of Lavender oil definitely lightens our feeling. In fact, in a research, lavender oil even lowers our blood pressure which is associated with stress.try to dab some of it if your skin or your pillows. Another research have shown that vanilla scented oil lessen the anxiety of the patients undergoing MRI by a whooping 63%! If you can afford a humidifier, why not put some of it there, your room will surely smell nice.

If you want to try using essential oils or you haven’t tried it before, I have found a set of essential oils with Bonus Stress Relief Blend online inluding, Recipe eBook, Safe Dilution Chart Card, and a Getting Started Guide

Buy it now! via amazon In this link

2. Your Place at Home

Have a lot of thoughts on your mind? Why don’t you keep yourself busy? Clean your room, arrange your stuffs, fix your bed. It is satisfying to see your room very clean. It represents your personality after all. Therefore, this would keep you busy that you may forget your problems in a short while. You may also dab the essential oils we are talking about above. Make your place the place you are excited to go to every day!

3. Scenery

Sometimes, looking in your window and seeing the nature or the scenery outside helps you relax. Some people enjoy looking in their windows when it is raining. If you are one of them, don’t be afraid. Accepted thyself and you will surely feel very free. If you are outside, maybe a walk in a park or traveling could help.


Activities keep you busy, making you wander and at times, relieve your stress. Here are some:

1. Going for a Walk

Going for a walk and being in the sun is shows to increase vitamin D levels, improving mood. It also gets you away from the busy world as you get busy seeing and appreciating the things you didn’t notice before.

2. Exercise and Stretch

Exercise releases the feel good hormone endorphins which would help you relax. In addition, stretches helps alleviate muscles tightness which will put you in a good mood. You can make stretches a habit to do every day when you wake up and see the difference it gives.

3. A Soothing Bath

Some of us have the luxury to have a soothing bath on a tub with bubbles and their rubber ducky, if you are one of them, use it. Go to a warm bath, read a book, play some good music and dim the lights. It will surely put you in a very relaxed state.

4. Listening to Music

Listening to the music you really like is just amazing! I am sure you already experienced what I am talking about. Therefore, play some relaxing music on your phone. It is easy to find relaxing music on the Internet these days.


Travelling gives you a break from everything around you and I am sure that most of the stresses you have come from what is around. See nature, meet people and learn their culture. You also invested in experience which is investing in yourself, making yourself more interesting, and you can start making stories on your journey to a place with your friends


Talking to a friend and relatives about what bugs your mind feels good. You share what feel bad about and they will be there to help you. Maybe share a solution and offer you help on the dilemma you may have. There are times when it is hard to share something and it is alright since you may also write it down which is discussed below.

Me time

Journaling is very important. It keeps track on what you have done today, and lets you let out the feelings that you may not share with other people. We do have secrets, and sharing them is sometimes uncomfortable. If that is the case, write it down. It will relieve some tension within.

Final thoughts

We all experience stress in this world. It is normal, we always do meet them and they can sometimes break us. Remember, they are not everything. We have ways to alleviate our stresses in life and go though life as it is. Relax and let the waves of life flow. I would like to end my article with the quote I kept on telling myself whenever I feel stressed and it didn’t fail to calm me down.

“Rest if you must, but do not quit.”

Best Wishes to you and your Endeavors,

Jason, Owner of chillaxeasy.com




Learning to Relax your Mind: A Road to Happiness
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Learning to Relax your Mind: A Road to Happiness
This article helps you how to relax your mind in this busy world. Your brain deserves and needs some break. :)
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Comments 11

  1. This is all so wonderful. I need to get more into the tea and meditating. I have to start at 5 minutes as it’s hard for me to clear my mind. I am always busy and thinking about something.

    Most of us as people need helping learning to relax. Thanks for this post.

    1. Post

      You are very much welcome, 5 minutes is enough but as always, remember to stay consistent.
      Do not forget to rest and relax once in a while.



  2. Great article Jason on so many ways to relax at home without having purchase to make you feel better.I myself just came off of a vacation for 1 week .It just releases the tension and all the stress of commuting disappeared for a time.I agree that we should exercise and stretch as often as possible to relieve built up tension in our bodies

    1. Post

      Yes, I hope you enjoyed my article about how to relax. I hope you had a great vacation and i hope you can apply some of my tips in your daily life


  3. Hi Jason,
    Fantastic tips and ideas on learning to relax. Chamomile tea is one of my “secrets” to just chill out and relax. When I need to take a break, one cup usually helps return my focus and gets me into a much better place. Going for a walk, even in the rain, is a daily for me. The exercise helps burn off the excess energy and gives me my me time to just let the mind wander and wonder. I like the quote and the mindset,

    1. Post

      Going to a walk and enjoying little things in life is a key factor of happiness. in fact, being contented is. Thank you and yeah, enjoy your chamomile tea. 🙂


  4. this are all good suggestions. I like the no. 1 walking and no. 2 exercise and stretch. Good way to start a day . Thanks

    1. Post
  5. Very nice article! I guess I’m doing pretty well as I love to eat dark chocolate and mango, I meditate daily and exercise and I go for walks in nature with my puppy. So I guess I’d add one more thing to your list and that is, cuddling your pet if you have one 🙂 your article put a smile on my face, a nice dose of positivity!

    1. Post

      Of course, cuddling your pet will surely reduce your stress levels! That is a very great Idea! Thank you! Also this is a good excuse to eat some chocolates 🙂



  6. Hello Jason, great helpful tips on mind relaxing. I am a very busy person, and stress can be a pain at times. I like to walk a lot, exercise, listen to music, take breaks from work, and play my game. I will have to start eating more proper foods for my diet. Thanks again, and continue to do what you do!!!

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