Master Your Mind Course [Review for Live and Dare]

Master Your Mind Course Review

Master Your Mind Review – A Meditation Course by Live and Dare

Imagine a meditation tutor that has 18 years of experience, did more than 8,000 hours of Meditation practice and tried over 60 different techniques, guiding you personally on making you achieve a peaceful mind in this fast paced and busy world where you can’t stop thinking about everything. How many times you can’t even sleep because of your mind is wandering at a past paced, worried about what is happening in your life.

Basically, this is a recommended course because it came from a teacher with a lot of experience. Plus, its lessons are well organized to cater the beginners who would want to try meditation for the first time. it is also simple to know if you are doing it right because there are objectives on the lessons it has plus, the best is it makes it sure that meditation will be a habit you will do for the years to come.


  • Overall Rank: 3 (Screenshot below)
  • My Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Pros
    • Well Organized platform with easy to follow guides
    • Objectives in each of the Lessons
    • Will Properly Help you Form Meditation into a Habit
    • Very Qualified Instructor
  • Cons
    • Would take a few minutes of your time
    • Not for people who are not serious in changing their lives
  • Price: $59
  • Guarantee: 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • Where to Buy: LiveandDare.com
  • Course Inclusions:


Live and Dare Review


My Journey

I have also been there, I once was, stressing over deadlines, school works, unending tasks, emails can’t make me fall asleep at night. And I have to tell you that it nearly destroyed my life.Being tired everything that is around me. I know I had a problem, I just do not know what to do. I felt lost and even went to the grocery store to buy and used 4 or 5 melatonin tablets just to make myself fall asleep. The result is I am always tired, stressed out in my life. I am desperate in changing my life.

I Learned about Meditation

One day, desperate to solve my problem all by myself, I read about meditation online and saw some research that it truly Live and Dareworks. Why won’t I give it a try? I did but I do not want to use some money in it. I tried a free meditation app and to sum it up, it did not work.

Why I Failed when I First Practiced Meditation

Why? because I failed to do it consistently, Another is they just gave me some beginner meditation guide as they say and left me behind. It even kept on telling me to upgrade my membership to get the full help I need.

That is the problem. I did not pay for it so I just did not treasure the value it could give. I did not do meditation consistently because I had nothing to lose. Another is I know they are holding back some knowledge so they can give them to people who will buy their full membership. therefore, I am lost again.

What I did After

I am simply lost and did not went back to the guide again. Even deleted it and currently, I can’t remember clearly what it was. I just let time pass by, I just stay in bed until I sleep. Unmotivated to get up in the morning, wasting my life. A year passed by and I know I really had a problem. So I started researching on the internet again, obviously, I saw meditation again. I felt it was nothing but a waste of time. I tried it and It didn’t work but I can’t find other answers online except on exercising and I am too unmotivated to do it. So I tried researching about meditation again. I bumped into this video and made me try to try meditation again.

To view the video, just click on the Watch Promo on the site it links to


This is Giovanni Dienstmann, the author of live and dare and the creator of the master your mind course.

About Giovanni

Giovanni DienstmannGiovanni Dienstmann Live and Dare is the one that helped me in my journey on meditation. As I said earlier, he has been meditating for more than 18 years of his life and has read many spiritual books. He has been on a number of retreats with spiritual masters and is considered a master of meditation. Although, this is the case, he does not consider himself a guru. A humble man indeed. Furthermore, He emphasized that he does not teach religion. In fact, his academy is not involved or connected with any Religion at all.

Another, his goal is in this things that he had said: “My work is to translate and “update” the tools and teachings of world-wide wisdom traditions so that they are easily digestible for the 21st-century person. In this process, I also seek to integrate lessons from modern science and psychology.”

You also need to learn his daily routine, as you can see how qualified he is to teach us meditation

This Daily routine are as follows

  1. Rising Up Early
  2. Drinking half a cup of water
  3. 40 minutes of Yoga
  4. Cold shower
  5. 2 hours of Meditaion

Yes! 2 hours of meditation! That is a lot! Comparing it to myself that is doing 10-15 minutes of meditation per day.

Master Your Mind Course Meditating

Giovanni in Nature

The Master Your Mind Course

The great thing about this course is that usually, meditators are like the monks that goes to a temple or the Himalayas to do meditation. This is not true as he explained. His goal is to make the people who work in the office, in a city and to anyone who does not have the luxury to go to such places like us to go and try meditation.

He always stresses out the power of consistency which why I did not have any results on my early meditation practice. This course was created to ease beginners like us to a steady meditation routine starting off small and properly creating the habit. His course is also easy to follow and is composed of simple steps which is perfect for someone who has zero knowledge like me.

Is the Money I Invested Worth it?

The money I invested in this course gave me a long way to enjoy my life. Letting go of the past that kept on bugging myCourse Techniques mind. Imagine how happy I become after finishing the course. Investing money in to this course will never be considered as a regret for me because it gave me a sense of responsibility it and to improve my life. Also, his guides are fairly easy to follow and incorporate in our busy work a day lives.

Giovanni is not just teaching one type of meditation, he teaches his students a new meditation technique each week! Allowing us to choose which one we feel most comfortable with.

For the price of just a dinner for 2, you can get mentored by Giovanni’s 18 years of experience with all of his achievements and failures. What has worked and what hasn’t and why. He breaks the Live and Dare Beginner’s meditation course into 5 different meditation styles, 1 each week, so you can get a feel for the different techniques.

In addition to the lessons that are included in his program, there are also extras such as 60-days of email support, a private discussion forum and free updates for life.

This course is for real and worth it! The value it gives is actually more than what I invested in it. His course is surely a big help to us and you can too, considering that he said in his blog that his course helps 80,000 people each month!

This course is for

  1. People who are serious in changing their lives.
  2. For busy people like us that needs some break on a busy world
  3. Someone who is seeking for a simple but effective way of meditating
  4. Anyone who does not want to waste their time searching for effective meditation course online
  5. For people who wants to be tutored by a very qualified meditation teacher

This course if not for

  1. People who are not serious on improving their life

How Popular is Live and Dare?

Well, According to alexa, “Live and Dare” is the third most popular Meditation blog. A big thumbs up to Giovanni from me! Which proves that this website is pure content and people like the courses he offers. What’s surprising is he ranked more than meditation.com, I will provide a screenshot below.

Live and Dare Top

Other People’s Opinion

Let us see what other people are saying about this course, not just my own review. I have snapped comments of some users of this course as well for you to see their comments regarding the course.

Comment on Master your Mind

Live and Dare Review

You may view the course by clicking the link below:


A Brief look into the Course

The course is well polished and divided in to 5 weeks, each week has a different technique to be learned. Above is a preview on how the lessons are structured. I also like how objectives are shown in each lesson, producing a feeling of accomplishment on my part. Checking it everyday leaves me feeling good and want to do the lessons every day.

By doing this every day. I have now turned meditation into one of my habits. Which is one of the main objectives in this course. Forming a habit is incorporated well in the structure of the course. In here, as you can see, finishing a task, It leaves a check mark making me. Making it easy to complete week 1.

You can’t find success if you don’t have any objectives. Giovanni really did make a good job in applying this concept in his course, making a series of objectives to measure and to point out what needs to be learned in each lesson.

My Conclusion

In my opinion, this is probably the easiest and effective way to learn how to meditate. Considering someone who has zero knowledge on meditation like me. Through the very comprehensive and the specific objectives of each lessons helped me reach where I am right now. I really learned a lot and it brought my life to a next level. I do not want to go back to where I was before.

This course is taught by someone who has practiced meditation for more than 18 years and has a great amount of experience. The lessons are structured in the simplest way possible making it really easy to understand and at the same time, not losing the content necessary. In addition, any of your concerns will be answered by Giovanni personally.

I am Personally Recommending this Course to You

I would recommend this program to anyone who is starting meditation for the first time and would like to learn how to do it.

If you already have experience in meditation and want to learn more, I would like to recommend you try his advanced Master your Mind Course Money Backcourse. You can find it by clicking here:

Actually some experienced ones also used his beginner course, they are attesting that they still learned something new from it. So you can also try it for yourself.

Another important thing to would like to stress out inside of my review of the master your mind meditation course is that there is a 100% money back guarantee, which means that even Giovanni is proud and trusts that his course would work for anyone. If it didn’t work for you, you can just get your money back.

I would say that the course is actually extremely cheap(at a cost of dinner for two persons) for the price with everything included in the package and is well worth buying. As well as the value it will give into your life.

TRY IT NOW! Click on the link below for the Master Your Mind by Live and Dare:

“Affiliation disclosure: I am writing this for ethics purposes..I just want to and I don’t want to lie.. If you clicked and bought the course, I would get a bonus from the sale. You won’t pay more for the product but the owner is kind enough to give me a bonus. The bonus would help me maintain this website as it costs me real money, but do not worry, all the things I have wrote in here are my experiences in using the course. I consider you all my family and If I can’t recommend this course to the people around me, I wouldn’t even dare to write such review. Thank you. “

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or success with this course. Feel free to share them below. I would gladly attend to you as fast as I can.

Have a Nice Day!


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  1. Honestly, I have never meditated in my life!
    And that’s not a very good thing considering the level of stress I have every single day.
    Truth to be told – I just don’t know how.
    This is such a detailed information you’ve provided in here. I’m convinced that if I ever decide to give the meditation a try, this course will be the one leading the way!
    Thank you so much for sharing this post. I just love it!

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  2. This looks awesome. I am very much a novice myself. This makes me think that I should devote more to meditation. Keep up the great work!

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