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Meditation Tutorial for Beginners

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are already aware of the benefits that meditation can do to us.

But there is a question. How can you do meditation? So you did an internet search and stumbled upon this site.

You want to give it a try, so that’s why you’ve been looking for an easy way to meditate. Well, you are in luck as I have made a simple and easy to follow meditation guide for beginners.

In this article, I will be giving you a step by step guide on how to do a simple meditation completely fast, easy and free.

Meditation for Beginners by Chillax Easy

About Me

Hello, my name is Jason and long ago, I’ve been someone like you.

I know the benefits of meditation because I did an internet research, but the problem is I do not know how to do it correctly.

I searched the internet and got bit and bits of information.

I stumbled upon a meditation tutor named Giovanni and got his course. I learned how to meditate by him and I will share some information I got to get you going to your meditation session with ease.

If you are interested in Giovanni’s course, and you really want a a great meditation tutor and more information about meditation. He is your guy. He helped me, he can also help you. I promise that his course will give you the basic foundations of meditation. He also gives you different types of meditation to try out.

What I will be teaching you is called mindfulness breathing meditation, because it is the easiest in my opinion.

You also do not need any fancy equipment to do it, a timer is the only thing you need. You have a timer on your phone right?

If you are interested in Giovanni’s course, I have an article on what did I experienced in using his course. The link to my article is here, Check it out: Master Your Mind Course

Finally, after having Giovanni’s guide, I completely learned and practiced meditation.

I have been doing it for almost a years now.

I will be teaching you Mindfulness Meditation as it is the one I know that is completely beginner friendly. This is also the first meditation practice I have done.

Mindfulness Meditation

I am still practicing mindfulness meditation until now. It is simple and you just need a timer to do it. No audio, ringing bells or scents needed. You can use your phone as a timer.

If you prefer to have some audio, I suggest you could use binaural beats.

Binaural beats can be useful for you to reach a deeper level of meditation. It is great for beginners because it makes meditation easier. You can also have something to focus on instead of breathing.

If you are interested in Binaural beats, I found an article online that specializes in giving you the best Binaural beats for free.

What’s better is that he made it for free. He also made multiple playlists for you to choose. You can choose whatever playlist you want and try them for free. Here is the link to the website: Binaural Beats

Mindfulness Meditation is when.. well you are mindful. This is actually the easiest form of meditation, and the benefits are on par with the others. It is also the first one I have used and I am still using it now.

Currently, I am doing it for 15 minutes every day. I started with 5 and moved to 10.

What is the specific Meditation Practice I will teach?

To be more specific, I will be teaching you what is called as the Mindfulness breathing meditation.

Mindfulness breathing meditation is when you focus on your breathing. Focusing on your breathe can be quite tricky. It doesn’t mean that you control it. You just need to focus you mind on to it.

I know that is kind of weird and hard to do. That’s why I will present you steps below on how to do it.

That is all you need to know for now as I will give you the steps and how to do it below.

Thorough Guide

To make my guide simple and easy to follow, I have divided the guide into different parts, so I can explain it further for the purpose of making you understand it better. I will combine them all afterwards.


Typical mindfulness breathing session goes for 5-15 minutes, Some even do it for 30 minutes and I read someone doing it for 2 hours in a single day.

I recommend that you start on 5 minutes as you will know that 5 minutes is a very long time in meditation. Especially for beginners. I also started with a 5-minute sessions so I know it definitely works.

I promise you, you will be extremely bored of life if you try this. I experienced it and so can you. That is because you are not used to it.

By the way, I have an article on how to find your passion.

In fact, meditation is a good way to find your passion. Finding your hobby is actually one of my most viewed article. It helped a lot of people and you can also use that add more benefits to your meditation practice

So check it out here: How to Find your Hobby and Passion

As you do meditation sessions every day. you will get to realize that 5-minute sessions are becoming easier to do. I suggest you increase the time until you reach 10 or 15 minutes mark and you’re good.


  • Position
    • Sitting on chair
    • Sitting on the floor
    • Lying in bed
    • Standing position

You can do any position above. However, I suggest you sit on the floor in a cross legs position like the image shown. You can also sit on a chair or standing straight. I will not recommend you to lie in bed because you could fall asleep and that is not what we are doing.

  • Arms and Hands

The most important thing is to keep your arms and hands relaxed. I suggest just resting them on top of your legs. It doesn’t matter much what your hand positioning is the important thing is that they are relaxed.

  • Back

Remember to always keep your back straight. Slouching is considered unproductive in meditation.

  • Head

Remember to always face your front. No looking above or down below. Keep it straight.

  • Eyes

Did you know that you can actually do meditation with your eyes open? Yes you could however, I wouldn’t suggest it since opening your eyes would cause more distraction for your meditation session. Mindfulness would be significantly harder, even I can’t do it with my eyes open.


Breathe normally, I suggest breathing in a slow pace as it will help you calm your system. Do not breath hard as we are practicing mindfulness breathing meditation. Not other kinds of meditation.

I usually start Meditation by 5 cycles of breathing in for 3 seconds, holding my breath for 5 and exhaling for 7 seconds. I do not count them by timer, I do it by counting in my head. It helps me calm down as 3+5+7= 15 seconds in 1 breath which means 4 breaths in a minute is a significant decrease on tjhe usual breathing. A typical respiratory cycle according to science is 16-18 cyles per minutes. Do not do it for long. I said, for only 5 cycles just to calm your system down and prepare for meditation.


Concentrate your focus on your breath. One mistake I kept on seeing is people are controlling their breath. Controlling is different from focusing. Just put your attention on your breath. Breathe normally, as our goal is to keep our attention on our breathing for the whole session.

Combining it together

  1. Sits down and put your timer beside you. Time it for 5 minutes.
  2. Start the timer
  3. Sits down, close your eyes, Keep your back straight, head facing forward, relax your arms and place your hands on your lap
  4. Now start the 5 cycles of breathing I talked about above. ( Inhale for 3 seconds, Hold your breath for 5 seconds and then exhale for 7 seconds)
  5. Now just focus on your breathing. Do not control your breath.
  6. You will feel that your mind will wander around. You can’t control it. Do not be disappointed. It happened to everyone who started meditation. It will get better soon. I promise, just put your attention back on your breath.
  7. Do not open your eyes, you will feel like it has been forever! Sometimes wondering if you have set the timer right. That is normal. That’s why I said to start with 5 minutes. Whatever happens, do not open your eyes. Just concentrate on your breathing until your timer rings.
  8. Done, you have finished a session.

Below is a very helpful video guide I found on the internet for you guys.

Video Guide


That concludes my guide on how to do mindfulness meditation. Do note that only if you do it every day that you would see results. It is like going to a gym. You won’t get buffed in a single day of workout. It is the same in meditation, consistency is key. I hope you enjoyed this guide

If you have any questions, suggestions, or any queries, do not hesitate to comment down below.

Credits: I would like to give credit to improvement pill here as he made a very comprehensive guide for meditation. Here is a link to his YouTube channel:Improvement Pill

All the best!


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