Overcome Insecurity Issues – Getting to know yourself

How to Overcome Insecurity Issues

Everyone has insecurity issues and the way you handle it will be reflected on how your life is going. If you don’t fix it, you will get stuck as Insecurities pull us down. In this article, we will overcome insecurity issues as I give you the steps to conquer your fear.

Overcome Insecurity Issues

Why We Need to Address Insecurities

We address our Insecurity issues to live our life. Insecurities sucks us into a hole and as we get stuck on it, we will surely miss a lot of opportunities, improvements to our selves and it may stress you out to a point of depression.

Everyone has insecurities. The one’s you look up to has. The truth is that almost all the time, the good-looking person is actually the one who has more insecurities. It is true. We all do have insecurities, but how can others be happy with it and you are not? There has to be something, something that set them free and we will find it out here.

Kinds of Insecurities

Before we start on dealing with our insecurities, we are going to talk about the kinds of insecurities because we will be needing them in our steps to face them.

1. Physical

Physical insecurities cover up mostly your physical appearance. Your hands maybe small or you think it is big. Wrinkles appearing on your body. Your feet maybe small or big, maybe it smells. Body might be over or under weight, odor, stretch marks. Face might have acne or your nose is too big or you think it is small. You might be insecure of your race, wanting to be a Caucasian. thinking your height is too tall or too short, Over or under weight, crooked teeth, balding hair or too much hair and many more

By the way, I actually had a severe hair fall once in my life. You can check my article here on how did I overcome and reversed my hair loss. Check it here

2. Emotional

Truth be told – Emotional Insecurities have much more consequences than the physical ones. It is also harder to overcome. This could be how you are raised as a kid. The environment you have grown up. Words that hurt that came from your beloved ones such as spouse, parents, friends. It might be your boss telling you that you are not good enough. Your past heart aches, failures, social anxiety, perfectionism and many more things.

By the way, I also have an article about how to get over in a heartbreak fast, check it out!

Whatever your insecurities are, they are there. I know that emotional ones are harder to overcome. I’ve been there. It hurts because these insecurities are true. I understand and always remember that you are not alone.

Addressing Insecurities

1. Make a List

Make a list of your insecurities. Get a paper and divide it into two columns namely: Emotional and Physical. Write your Insecurities. e.g. Someone said I am ugly. I am too short. I have a bald hair. Put them all in there

After putting all of them, answers these questions for each of the insecurities you have.

  1. Is it true?
  2. Can I fix it?
  3. Can I improve upon it.

You need to answer these questions as we need them in the following steps. This step will also get you to know who you truly are which is a very nice bonus isn’t?

2. Forgive

This pertains to the first question above: “it is true?”. When you found out that what the other person said is untrue, forgive them. Maybe it is their opinion and you should not be affected by that. Forgiveness, a simple task that would make anyone feel better and who knows, maybe you will need to also be forgiven in the foreseeable future. It would surely alleviate some pain in your heart.

Forgive doesn’t pertain only to others. You also forgive yourself that you thought you are ugly. You had that pain inside right? It is time that you forgive yourself for thinking that way. You will feel a lot more free.

3. Do Something About It

What if your answer in the first question is: “Yes, is true.” What should you do next? Well, do something about it. Your hair is balding? Maybe you can do what I did. You are fat and ugly? Go to the gym, have a healthier diet, have some skincare routine. You might be a 4 but I think you can do something to make it to 8 right? Just do something about it, there sure is a way

4. Self-Acceptance and Gratitude

There are times when it is just not possible. For example is you are short. You can’t do something about it. Then accept it as a part of you. You just need to accept and forgive yourself for it.

Be grateful on what you have, I am sure that someone there will be happy to be in your place. Accept yourself and assure yourself that everything will be alright.

It would be hard but we just have to face it. I will show you a way in the next one to alleviate this feeling.

5. Focus on Your Strength, Not Your Weakness

This is the way to go if you need to boost your self acceptance. There sure is something that you are proud of, maybe skills or you have some amazing talent in you. Focus on that. Nobody is good in everything. There is something I am sure that you are good at. Show that to people, let them see how awesome you are.

It is like the saying, you can’t grade a fish base on how it walks. Fishes are good at swimming, you can’t judge them because they can’t walk. The same goes for you, you might suck at drawing but oh well, you are good at math. I know you have something you are good at. You need to find it. I know that sometimes you have to find it because you can’t see it immediately. I’ve been there but I am sure our friends will notice what your passions are. You can ask them directly. Follow it and go live your dream.

6. Affirmations

Write what you are good at in a sheet of paper, your dreams, rants, anything that you need to stay motivated. Make sure you see it every day. Tell yourself that you can be better. Go have the willpower to improve upon yourself, you will surely love yourself more in the future.

I know that it is hard to do tasks to improve upon yourself such as exercising or eating healthy, you need to build habits for that. I have another article on how to make good habits and I am sure. Your journey towards a new you will be so much easier.

7. Confidence

All the steps above will give you one thing, confidence. The thing that will surely cure and overcome your insecurities. Once you do something about it, it will surely come. If you hate your body, go and put some exercise in your habits, you will thank yourself for it in the future. You will love yourself if you truly accept who you are. You will love yourself when people see that you are confident and talented because you are showing them your strengths. Everything we talked about will be solved by confidence. Remember that achieving confidence is the key to your insecurities.

P.S: One of my source in making this article is a talk from Patrick Bet David, actually I learned a lot from him and I assure that you will also do. To give thanks to him, I will share a link to his book: “Doing The Impossible: The 25 Laws for Doing The Impossible” I promise you that it is a good read. He is a self-made millionaire by hard work and I am inspired by his story, you may buy his book via this link


Everybody has insecurities, we have and you need to take them down. Tackle all of them. Do something about the things you can do, if you can’t do something about them, accept them.

Focus on your strengths and in the end, your confidence will come and will overcome your insecurities. You will surely have a great journey towards a new you.

Petite Saying

I can’t end this article without a Petite saying of the day. Here it goes: “If you have problems, there are 3 things you can do. One is to do something about it, two and get over it but never ever whine about it.”

Lots of love to all of you, I hope this article helped you a lot


Jason, chillaxeasy.com


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Patrick Bet David’s Video about insecurities

Overcome Insecurity Issues - Getting to know yourself
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Overcome Insecurity Issues - Getting to know yourself
Everyone has insecurity issues and the way you handle it will be reflected on how your life is going. If you don't fix it, you will get stuck as Insecurities pull us down. In this article, we will overcome insecurity issues as I give you the steps to conquer your fear.
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