Stress is your Friend – A New View Towards Stress

Stress is Your Friend

Ever wonder why people who love their jobs live a happy life? Do you think that they do not experience stress when they work? I am sure you are now wondering and thinking about it. This is such an interesting topic right? Let me show you how stress is your friend.

Stress is your Friend - A New View Towards Stress

What the Majority Thinks about Stress

According to Kelly McGonigal, Stress make you sick. It increases susceptibility to common diseases such as cold to more serious disease such as cardiovascular disease.

Well that is true considering that I also get sick before after stressing for an exam week in school.

Stress is also linked to 20,000 deaths in U.S. alone in a single year. Making it the 15th most common cause of death.

A research also said that stress increases the risk of death by a whooping 43%. It increases your heart rate and constricts your blood vessels. Which is the reason why they linked it to cardiovascular diseases.

Are all of these true? Yes. These data cannot lie. That’s the reason the majority believe that stress is harmful.

New Studies about Stress

So right now, you are probably thinking that you are just wasting your time in reading this article. Well if that is the case, you should also think that I would also not waste my time in writing this if it makes no sense.

The truth is the data above are true but we can reverse stress’ effect on our body. In fact, stress is only bad. If you think that it is bad for you.

In a study, 30,000 adults were asked if they believe that stress is harmful and they were tracked after 8 years. The data after 8 years showed that the people who experienced a lot of stress had a 43% increase of dying. However, it is only true on the people who believe that stress is bad for them.

The remaining people who didn’t think that stress is bad for them were not affected at all. In fact, in the research, they had a lower risk of dying.

Anxiety or Stress?

When you are in times of stress, your heart rate increases, you also begin to sweat. For this reason, people linked stress to anxiety.

For a moment, let us think of it as our body’s coping mechanism to a challenging task. Your body is preparing your brain by giving it more blood supply. You sweat because you will start to work hard and control your temperature.Doesn’t that also make sense?

Stress increases your heart rate and constricts your blood vessels. Which is bad because th

at might lead to heart diseases. New research shows that if you think that stress is not bad for you, your blood vessels dilates instead. Which is the opposite of what we have previously have known. If you think stress as something not bad for you, as something that would help you in a certain task. Your body will follow you, it will prepare itself for the task, dilates your vessels, and makes you sweat to prepare your muscles on the task.

That’s a good way to view stress right?

A Surprising Truth about Oxytocin


What does oxytocin have to do with this? We know oxytocin to be the cuddle hormone because it increases when you hug someone dear to you. It is also linked to love, compassion, empathy and how sociable a person can be.

What most people do not know is that oxytocin is a stress hormone. We release it in times of stress. Which actually makes sense because when we are stressed, we do seek the help of our loved ones, meet our friends, talk with people, share your problems. It all makes perfect sense.

Another research on stress

In another research with 1,000 respondents, people were asked how much stress did they had last year. After 5 years, the respondent’s data were gathered and here are the results. People who are stressed had a 30% increase risk of dying, however it is only applicable to people who do not care about the others. The other people that cared about the others, spent time with people around them had no increase risk of dying at all.

This means that oxytocin is released as our coping mechanism for stress. It is our body’s respond to stress and the surprising part is why did oxytocin, the hormone responsible for empathy and compassion, prevented the risk of dying on those individuals. Here is the answer they found.

Oxytocin also acts on our heart. Yes, it is a stress hormone. That’s why there are times that our heart pounds when we want to talk to someone we do not know or we like. It is our body’s response because we want to be social with them. We want to talk to them but there is something more than that.

This hormone also stimulates our heart to regenerate. It signals our heart for repair. It heals our heart. That’s why people who are empathetic, who care about the others did not have an increase in their risk of death due to stress.

It Depends on You

Stress can be your friend or your enemy. If you view stress as your enemy, it will be your enemy. If you view it as your friend, it would be your friend. You can think of stress as your body’s mechanism to do a challenging task. Think as it is your body helping you. Not the other way around. We are all stressed in this world. Those people who love their job experience stress but they did not think of it as bad because they love what they do. You can also do the same. You can tell yourself that it is not bad for you because how you think and act is what matters.

Remember that stress releases oxytocin. You need the help of others that’s why your body wants you to be sociable. Think of stress as it is your friend helping you in a difficult task. It tells you to trust yourself, and also that you do not have to face the challenges alone.


If you are interested in learning more, This video would also change your mind above stress. The speaker’s name Kelly McGonigal and you can see her speech below. The link is also here:

Special thanks to TED and Kelly for giving such an amazing speech. You can check on them below


Kelly McGonigal:

Petite of Saying

I would like to end this article by this saying: “It is not the stress you carry that breaks you, it is the way that you carry it.”

Stress will not break you, it will actually help you, but if you handle it in a wrong way, it could also be your enemy.

If this helps you, do not forget to share this to your friends that needs motivation or you think is stressed. You can also leave a comment below and I will tend to you as fast as I can.

Lots of love to all of you,



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TED Talk About Stress by Kelly McGonigal

Stress is your Friend - A New View Towards Stress
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