Superior Singing Method Review [100% True with Pictures and Proof]

My Personal Review of the Superior Singing Method

Hi, I am Jason and I have been thinking about purchasing the Superior Singing Method for months now.

So I have decided to go in search of reviews to see what others had thought and all I could find were… Just disappointmentsfull of FAKE reviews of this product. All I can see are fake reviews about how they got better in singing with the course. It is fairly obvious that they are lying right?? Because they do not have any proof that they can access the member’s log-in page inside nor having a welcome message from Aaron.

None of which had any picture proof, nor any information about the course from inside the member’s area, not even a welcome message that Aaron gives to his members via e-mail, this is a BIG red flag.

I still Purchased the Product, here’s why

Nevertheless, I went to purchase it and I’m always left wondering about my decision. Here is a screen shot of what you will receive via email upon purchase.

Even after the Red Flags, I still decided to buy the program anyway, why?

  • 1. I could write a review, with before/afters and constant updates, that would hopefully help others in the same position as me. I just can’t stand the reviews out there.
  • 2. I really love singing, I always sing without me even noticing it.
  • 3. I enjoy Aaron’s YouTube channel and I know he deserves a 100% REAL review on his product, plus he is a very good singer and trainer himself. Giving me a reason to trust him.
  • 4. I got a 20% discount by buying the course in one payment which made my decision a lot easier to make.
  • 5. There is a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, if I don’t like it. I know I could just get a refund.

Superior Singing Method

What Did I Want From This Course

My name is Jason and the personal reason I bought the course is well…. I became a Professor and my students kept on telling me to sing for them. Of course It was always a sigh. I want to improve my singing skills and not be ashamed of it anymore. Plus, my friends kept on bullying me when I sing. I want to surprise them you know.

I felt so rubbish on about my voice and I know that a step-by-step guide would bring my singing to the next level.

Anyone who watches Aaron’s YouTube channel knows that he gives very good content on his videos and that’s exactly why I bought the course, I know he is holding back some information on his YouTube videos simply because it is free and he wants to sell his course, well he needs to earn a living so I understand. I can get those tips and exercises on his course.

Here’s exactly what I wanted to get out of this course:

  • Build a solid routine
  • Have a better tone
  • Fix my Voice Cracks
  • Test on my friends if they have any improvements
  • Have a more sustainable way to train my voice

Proof of Buying the Course

Well as you can see, I hate that the internet is filled with FAKE REVIEWS about superior singing method. It gave me a hard time if I would buy it or not, so I will prove to you that I truly bought the course and can definitely trust me, via the screen shots below.

Superior Singing Method Welcome Message

What’s Inside The Superior Singing Method Course?

After Buying the course, you will get a personal Email from Aaron on your log-in details including your password in an email like below. I had to put some watermark and erased my log-in details. To prevent those fake reviews on stealing my pictures and to protect my privacy. Here is a screenshot in the email. See? it is my personal Email.

Proof of Purchase

The next thing you get hit by is this page and log in (use the details sent by e-mail)

member's login

You will then be directed into this page and then click “access now” and get to see the what is inside this course:

Superior SInging Method Access Page

Then Yehey! You can see a preview of the course with his picture, do not also forget that he provides a free e-book on his course. I read it too. It is a good supplement to your daily step by step videos. He also provides the mp3 version of the exercises below so you can access it even offline. I placed it on my Phone so I can do some vocal exercise when I am alone outside.

Superior SInging Method Module 1

So his course is divided into 8 modules and a bonus module which is listed below

  • Module 1 – Warm Up Exercises
  • Module 2 – Breath Management
  • Module 3 – Vocal Tone
  • Moduie 4 – Pitch
  • Module 5 – Power & Resonance
  • Module 6 – High Notes & Mix
  • Module 7 – Vocal Agility
  • Module 8 – Advanced Strengthening & Techniques
  • Bonus Module

Summary of the Modules

So I have listed the modules above and generally they are divided into 6 lessons per Module and each module is equivalent to a week. Why only 6 then? A week has 7 days! It is 6 because Aaron said in his course that we need to rest for 1 day a week. We need to rest our voice, because it is also a muscle. You won’t go to the gym training for 7 days straight right? Same for our voice.

Bonus Module

Well I know you are curious about the Bonus module: It contains the following with a screenshot below.

Bonus Module

Do note of the SSM Manual, that is the E book I was talking about earlier. Make full use of it. I promise that it is worth it.

What happened next?

  1. I love being told what to do, I love having a step-by-step guide, it’s like having a personal tutor
  2. The first videos are amazing and I am ready to do the exercises, I was ready to commit to this, In fact, I finished the course without skipping a week. Yep, that’s 8 weeks straight.

After the first week… I started losing some motivation but I kept through.

I was Disappointed with The Superior Singing Method Course

Yes, I felt so guilty at first. I am disappointed with the course. Do you ever felt guilty when buying something and tried it on? The feeling that you are sad because real money, the money I worked with were wasted? A little sad?

That’s exactly what I felt so after pushing through the modules

I watched the first 6 videos and thought “Did I really paid Money for this?”

Then I was thinking that…

  • That’s just 1 exercise for day 1, did not even reach 5 minutes. I was so pumped and just 1 exercise.
  • Day 2: well.. 2 exercises for day 2, still not what I expect. I was pumped you know!
  • ” I paid for this? Less than 5 minutes exercise per day? How would I improve?

I really felt that I was cheated and started to realize why there were NO REAL Reviews out there.

I just continued the course because well.. I paid the money for it and there are still 50+ days for the money back right?

Then This Happened…

I reached week 2 (module 2) and there it is…

The Real Exercises came! I was so excited! The exercises became 15 minutes and the magical thing is the moment I started singing later that day, nobody told me to stop. They are just hearing me sing. That was the first time it happened to me, as he explained that the first week are just warm-ups so I wouldn’t stress my voice much and he is right. That got me thinking, I wouldn’t carry a 100 lbs barbel on my first day in the gym. I would also start with the light ones.

So that’s why he puts up those easy simple warm-ups on the first week. To prepare me and my voice for the succeeding lessons.

This was all followed by 6 daily new exercises each week for the remainder of the course

My got lifted again! My motivation were back and I decided to celebrate by treating myself some milk tea. Yes I love drinking milk tea. 😀

What Happened After (My Experience on the Program):

I’m am an absolute beginner. No past voice lessons or anything. I just love to sing.

Just A note: In the course, you will do some weird and annoying sounds throughout the course or the program. They sure are effective but terribly annoying. Do make sure your friend does not hear it. Lol

What I gained from the course are easy to follow (even for someone like me) tips, guides and exercises. What’s more is I can’t help but see how much progress I made in this course. Aaron explained everything in the simplest manner possible. For someone who does not have any knowledge about music. He really did a great job. A great tutor indeed.

I’ve always thought singing lessons were annoying and makes you tired by going there making you sing and sing for a long time as seen in TV.

Not this course, it’s designed for beginners and advanced alike, you will surely pick the pace, it will not start with hard exercises, everything is prepared in order to help you. They provide the stable routine for you to follow. It’s basic, but the daily exercise got me stronger and I even used his tips on my lectures. My voice power got stronger, I rarely get sore throat now after 4 full days of lecture for my class.

I came out of the first 3 weeks with a much stronger, controlled and toned voice, something that was totally worth the price of this product.

How I Feel After Finishing the Course

This is the first time that I’ve ever fully committed in any type of programs.

To tell you frankly, I do always feel like I’m losing my motivation to finish the programs I’ve enrolled with.

I can honestly tell you that completing this course has changed my life. I feel more confident about my voice. This is a very significant improvement. I felt so happy waking up in the morning, ready to open up my computer to do another vocal exercise session. Plus, I was so committed that I have read the book on the bonus module.

No more easily cracked voice, more tonality, I had a better breathing pattern and generally a better voice. I don’t even get sore throats easily, I usually get sore throat after 2 full days of teaching a class, but my voice for stronger that I even did a 4 full days of lecture without much problem. I went home having my voice still intact.

This is very good considering that I am planning on making my own channel on YouTube one day. 🙂

I had no idea how much this course could change my life, I only thought at first that I could sing better, but no. My overall voice has improved and I can use it in public speaking instead of just singing.

Singing Performance Increase

Those everyday exercises that has gone to an hour per day. I know that I said earlier in this article that it is less than 5 minutes, but that was the first module. The succeeding modules consist of different exercises which will surely take your voice to the next level. The first module has made improvements on my voice but imagine the improvements I have made after going through the whole course.

It made me more confident than I’ve ever been. I feel content and happy with myself down to the core. I can sing without feeling any guilt.

Jason Ong in Class

That’s me in my class, I said that I am a Lecturer right? After that class, They made me sing 😀

You can buy the course by clicking below.

Superior Singing Method

Best Singing Course EVER!

I’ve now finished this course. I became a lot better. I know you want other reviews right? Well, I don’t want to put those website reviews that I think is absolute hokum. So I put here video reviews on the product.

Here is a happy customers like me that once used this course

Here is another one I could find, his comments about the superior singing methods are great and very accurate too!

My Review Of the SSM Program

  • My Rating: ★★★★ 4/5 starsAaron Anastasi
  • Pros
    • Considering that you do your lessons at home. It is a big thing and it is easy to access via their website. No need to go out and get through the traffic.
    • Downloadable mp3 for you to carry the exercises everywhere.
    • Singing lessons are far more expensive. I know because I have inquired for some before. This is just a single payment for a whole lesson that you can access for life.
    • Well thought and placed exercises
    • All exercises are guided by Aaron himself
    • Improvements seen after just 1 week
    • Simple, Easy to Follow guides
    • A downloadable E book for you to read
    • It has points about Music Marketing if you want a career as a Singer
    • Module 8 is just amazing that you can use it every day even if you are finished with the course
  • Cons
    • Aaron will not remind you to do your exercise. So you need to visit the page everyday
    • Do not take this course if you are not committed
    • You will make annoying sounds as part of the exercise such as the “nay nays”.
  • Price:
    • 3 payments of $39.95
    • 1 payment of $97
  • Where to Buy: SSM Page
  • Guarantee: 60 Days, 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’ve done my best to answer all the things I can think of in this review. I hope this helps you.

Should You Buy The Course?

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide that will teach you everything you need to know about singing, increase you vocal sound, tone, breathing and your voice overall, then this course is right for you.

You will not find any course like this in the music industry, well I also searched like you did. Even tried YouTube videos because they are free. It is all nothing compared to this course.

I will also suggest not to look at other reviews on this course. Almost all of them are absolute hokum. I promise. -_-

If you’re happy to put time, dedication and hard work into finishing this course you will love every second and finish it feeling amazing!

But in the end, it all boils down to you.

If you want to buy the Course, click below

Superior Singing Method


Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions or want any more information about this course just comment/email me and I’ll answer you right away.

My Suggestion for You

I just want to add that in order for you to grasp the whole course, you need finish it more than once. To be honest, I finished the course three times and I still learned something new each time I repeat it. You will surely learn something each and every time you replay a lesson.

Also, consistency is key. You will have a rest day, do not worry about that. Just continue doing the exercises and make sure to follow his tips such as “Smelling a rose technique” and many more. Take note of them and after the course, if you do not want to replay the course again, which I still suggest you do, just read the free e-book that comes with the course.

If you want to have a career in singing, Go do the bonus module, it really helps a lot. Especially the Marketing tips. You will surely love this course.


Thank you, All the best


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