Bitclub Network Review vs GPU Mining – With Proofs

Bitclub Network vs GPU Mining – A Review

This article is about The Bitclub Network Review and I will be comparing them with GPU Mining. I have tried both and I want to share what learned as someone that used both of them.

The Bitclub Network Review

Hi, I am Jason and I’ve experienced GPU mining and investing in Bitclub network.

I have made this post because a while back before investing in bitclub, I searched for reviews to see what others had thought and all I could find were… just disappointments full of FAKE reviews. All I can see are fake reviews about how they got millions of dollars by using bitclub. It is fairly obvious that they are lying right?? They do not have any proof that they can access the member’s log-in page inside the site. Just pure chit chat.

None of which had any picture proof, nor any information about the site from inside the member’s area those reviews are just a big BIG red flag.

Another this that bugs me is that they are saying that bitclub network is a scam and that is no surprise considering that there is a time that bitcoin just reached as high as $20,000 which I think was December 2017. So different scams went online in order to extract money from investors.

I still Invested, here’s why

Nevertheless, I went to Invest it and I’m always left wondering about my decision. Here is a screen shot of my purchases in bitclub to prove that this review is 100% legit.

Proof of Purchase

Upon further thinking, I still decided to invest, why?

  • 1. I could write a review, with before/afters and constant updates, that would hopefully help you in deciding if GPU mining or Bitclub is the right one for you. I also just can’t stand the reviews out there.
  • 2. I was invited by bitclub network themselves, they had a seminar near my place and I met them personally. So I can guarantee that the offer is a Legit one. As they won’t show themselves and make a seminar in person if not.
  • 3. I already have a mining rig with 4 PCs gtx 1060 that time and want to explore other methods of mining.
  • 4. They gave me a guarantee that if I don’t want to be affiliated with them anymore, they would return the mining machine to me. Yes, your investment will be used to buy an ASIC chip mining machine. Generally speaking, they will be using it to mine bitcoins and they will give you a share on what it mines.

What Did I Want from Bitclub

The personal reason I Invested in bitclub is I want to have another source of income. I want to have some money to spend when I get older right? Plus, I am really having a headache about my mining rig that time. I will explain about it later.

Here’s exactly what I wanted to get out of this course:

  • have a stable source of income
  • to invest for my future
  • to invest in something that won’t give me any headaches.

What’s Inside the Site?

After Investing, you can now access the member’s area of bitclub network, you first need to log in,

You will then be directed into this page, here is the home area

Then viola! You can see a preview of the home are in bitclub. There are tons of information here which I can’t explain since this article will be so long because I also have to put my GPU mining experience.

A Brief Tour Inside

The important thing you need to see here are the ones on the top right, the BTC and the mining earnings, I have encircled them for you to see them properly.

After you clicked the BTC value, you will be directed to this page, this is the amount of bitcoin I currently have and can withdraw. Withdrawing bitcoins is also easy, just put your bitcoin wallet address on the space below. I have erased by bitcoin wallet address for my own safety.


If you click the Mining Earnings tab, you will be directed to this page. Here you can see my shares in bitclub. There are three mining pools inside. Each have different prices and different amount of shares. Investing in Pool 1 costs $500, Pool 2 costs $1000 and Pool 3 costs $2000,

I hated Bitclub

Yes, I hated bitclub. They did inform me that my mining will start 30 days after my investment, but my mining started on around the 40th day. I thought it was a scam at that time. So I understand those people that said bitclub is a scam, but if you don’t mind, why not try log-in again. Maybe they just got a little delay.

I also understand the other people that is saying bitclub is a scam because there are a lot of fake investment out there, mostly Ponzi scheme. Don’t worry. I would lead you to the right bitclub website later in this article.

Then the mining started…

Well, I was skeptical at first. Oh okay, the mining started so what? Let me tell you. It is not big. You will not make millions like those annoying sales people would tell you. However, if you want an investment that in the future would feed you until the year 2140. Then you did the right choice. What’s with the 2140? Did you know that the last bitcoin will be mined on the year 2140? That’s why after that. Bitcoin mining will end. Well I guess we are 100+ year old by then.

Things to Consider if you invest

Invest in Bitclub if.

  • You have Extra money. Please do not invest here if you do not have any spare money. The money will be there in a few years time. Let it grow! Bitclub has an automatic reinvestment system meaning that what you earn can be reinvested instantly, depending on your choice. I will also teach you a trick I learned later in this article.
  • You want to have a steady flow of cash in the future.
  • You don’t want to have a hard time maintaining a GPU rig. Let’s say that you still want to have a GPU mining rig like I did before. Do you know how to troubleshoot or maintain the rig’s software and hardware system? if not, I do not suggest you to do GPU mining,
  • Low or No prior knowledge to computers. Let’s face it, you will face different codes to do when mining via GPU. I do not recommend nice hash, although it is automated to mine bitcoins for you. They just get more commissions. Okay?

Do not Invest if.

  • You don’t have extra money. Please do not put your money here if you are in a financial problem. I think that many think that BTC club is a scam because they have thought this would save them from poverty, but the money that will be placed here will be much better if used years later.
  • You think this is a quick rich scheme.
  • You have or studied computers. This is a very big plus! if you have studied computer and can maintain a computer system. Then feel free to own a mining rig, if you want to know which one is more profitable, I would make a computation later in this article for comparison. Knowing how to code is also a big plus. I also said that do not go to nice hash, if you want to do GPU mining, use nanopool instead.


  • Put your money and let it grow.
  • It is easy! You just have to know how to withdraw your money, which I showed above. No maintenance needed.
  • You do not need to put more effort in your investment
  • No need to be an expert in computer to be earn bitcoins
  • No need to assemble a mining rig. Remember that motherboards can’t use all kinds of processors. So be sure if you want to make a mining rig, do make your research.


  • Needs a Sponsor to Register, yes you need a sponsor in registering for bitclub. They do not want anyone to join them. You need someone you know to register. If you want to invest, I will provide my Sponsor Name later in this article. This is also a proof that I am a real member of BTC Network.
  • It is not a QUICK RICH SCHEME
  • it has a membership fee of $99
  • it is quite expensive, a share may cost $500, $1000, and $2000

My tip for you in using BTC Network’s Reinvestment system

In the site, you can set how much percent of the money you can reinvest. The higher the reinvestment rate, the higher your money will be in the future. The secret is generally, 40% is the median value. Which means that if you set the reinvestment to 40%, your share in the future will not increase nor decrease. You just get the profit and maintain a mining share. A share expires after 1000 days. So 40% is the sweet spot if you do not want to have a lost investment in the future.

It means that. If you want to have larger amounts of income in the future. Set your reinvestment rate to 50, 60, 70, 80 or even 90%. I do not recommend you to put it on 100% which is also possible. Hey, you need to have some money too.

GPU Mining

I said that I also have a mining rig. Well I had, and I even had it while on bitclub. I will compare their income later. So do not worry much about that for now.

I actually have a Mining rig that mines ethereum. If is a big No to mine bitcoin using GPU or a graphics card. Bitcoin mining uses a Terrahash rate and GPUs usually have a Megahash rate, which means that you will just lose money if you use GPU on mining bitcoins. So why do I see nice hash or other platforms to mine bitcoin on GPU? Is maybe you are asking me. They actually mine other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero and many more. After you are finished mining those, they convert it to bitcoin and then viola! You have bitcoin in your wallet.

My Mining Rig

To prove that I had a mining rig, here are the photos of my Rig

What is My Rig?

My mining rig is composed of 4 PCs of GTX 1060 3gb. Why not a GTX 1080ti or GTX 1070? You can’t blame me for that. One of the disadvantage of using a mining rig is that graphics cards are very rare. Usually out of stock, as a result I have no choice but to use those graphics card another is because they are always out of stock, GPU’s are currently so expensive. They still earn some money by the way. Don’t get me wrong. If you can buy a great GPU at a great price and they are on stock, consider yourself lucky.

If you want to see the availability of GPU’s you may visit your local store. If you want to check online which is easier, I have placed a link in the graphics card section for you to choose, here is a link to amazon GPU section:Click Here

Do I Recommend you to use GPU Mining?

It actually depends. If you have experienced maintaining a computer and can do some beginner coding. Yes, you do not need to be an expert coder. Be my guest. It actually feels nice to maintain a mining rig. Also, one of the advantage of owning a mining rig is you can control it. Feels good to see you coded for something that makes money right? Also, most of the time, it earns more money than cloud mining platforms. My computation later in this article.

The disadvantage of having a mining rig is that it takes up a lot of work. You have to regularly clean your mining rig. Do not let dust accumulate or your GPUs might overheat. You also need to learn more about computers and manual coding. Also, be careful and do not forget to watch your rig, there are times that there will be an error and your mining will stop. If you did not notice it, you might lose days worth of mining.

Choosing is all up to you. If you need more data, I am going to make a computation below to help you.

BTC network vs GPU Mining based on earnings

Let us have some computations.

So here is a screen shot of what I am earning in BTC Club in a single day

1 day Bitcoin earning

0.00000037+0.00000019+ 0.00000009+ 0.00000867+0.00000441+ 0.00000219= 0.00000506 bitcoins

0.00000506 X 30days = 0.000152 per month, wait! That is with my 90% reinvestment rate because I was saying that I invested for my future. So…. 0.000152 x 10 = 0.00152 BTC per month with my $3,599 investment

My mining rig costs about $2300 including my motherboard, graphics card, processor, the skeletal rig which I made from aluminum, Power supply Unit, AVR and many more.

It gives me an average of 0.4 Ethereum per month. Which is equivalent to 0.0126 BTC That is actually a lot bigger than the one above.

Currently, Bitcoin is in its lowest point because it will decrease its supply next year. Which means that if the supply will decrease, its price would increase. So expect an increase of BTC price next year. That’s the law of supply and demand. So let us compare more.

BTC Network: 0.00152 BTC currently around $10

Mining Rig: 0.0126 BTC currently around $80, GPU Wins!! No, you are wrong.

Income: $80-$70(Electric bill)= $10. Yes, i earned $10. $70 is the usual rate of my electric bill if I have with my rigs open for a month. By the way, rig still win because it only costs $2,300

So summing it up,

  • BTC Network will let you earn $10 per month on a $3599 Investment.
  • A mining rig that costs $2,300 will also make you earn $10 per month. So Rigs will still win right?

Well.. That’s where it depends.

I quitted mining rigs because it gave me a lot of problems. I mean a lot. Using a mining rig means it will run 24 hours for 7 days a week. You will only turn it off if you are going to clean it up which takes about 2 hours weekly.

Your graphics card are also used to its fullest which means that they won’t actually last long. My computer got internal hardware problems at the 6th month mark. One of my graphic cards gave up after about 10 months and the rest is self-explanatory. I lost my investment in mining Rigs so I am telling you that only do it if you are ready to take the risk.

Hey did you know that if BTC is on a high level, you are in luck! I once earned $280 on my rig? Yes, it depends on the BTC price. I suggest that you take your money if the price if high.

NOTE: The computation above is to compare the earning potential of mining rigs and BTC Network. This is in no way the real income you can have in these methods. As a matter of fact, Today is the lowest price of bitcoin this year which is $6,400. I said earlier that it has reached $20,000 before right?

Which means that the $10 shown there is to compare their earning potential. It is no way that you would only earn that much money in a real mining scenario. Please also do note that in the course of my rig mining, I only had 0.40 Eth on one month and the rest is about 0.34 ethereum/ month.

BTC Network or Rig Mining?

BTC Network

if you’re looking to have an Investment for your future use and have little or no knowledge about maintaining a computer, then BTC Network is a good choice. They also have a 1000-day contract which means you will earn for 1000 days every day, hassle free. You can also set a reinvestment system automatically meaning that you can leave your account for a whole year then when you come back… Hello MONEY! I suggest you start to invest now. For one, bitcoin will be there until the year 2140 and mining it gets harder and harder each day. If you wait for long, maybe you could miss the opportunity. Another is BTC Network’s 1000-day contract is actually a promo. It is usually only a 600 days contract. We don’t know when will it end. So it is a good opportunity to use that to earn more money.

I also said that BTC Network is not accepting applications without a sponsor name, if you wish to join BTC Network. I have placed the link below and make sure to put my sponsor name “j7261994” to register.

Mining Rig

If you are someone who as experience, can handle and make computers, knows about the proper maintenance of a computer, likes to code and see the mining process for yourself, then making a mining rig maybe the right one for you. That being said, If you are comfortable and can take care of your mining rig well. Then do not hesitate on starting your mining rig. It usually earns more than BTC Network, to check current GPU availability, Click Here

To sum it up, If you want hassle-free but lower earnings, choose BTC network. if you want to work on your mining career and higher earnings, choose a mining rig. It is all up to you.

Make Money Online

I know that you are interested in investing money for your future, I would just like to share that I earn money online through affiliate marketing. You can check out my article and my journey through earning money online. Here is the link:

Final Thoughts

If you think Bitcoin is falling, did you know that Bill Gates has just invested money in bitcoin? I don’t think that is a coincidence.

Bitcoin is becoming more and more accepted in countries around the globe. There are even ATM, vending machine and companies that accept bitcoin as a means of payment. You know what? Bitcoins will be there until 2140, and I promise you that if you will wait for longer, the competition for bitcoin will be higher in the near future.

I’ve done my best to answer all the things I can think of in this review. I hope this helps you.

Have Any Questions?

if you have any questions or want any more information about this course just comment/email me and I’ll answer you right away.

Best Regards,

Jason, owner of Chillax Easy Lifestyle Blog

The goal of Chillax Easy will always be to improve your lifestyle to the next level. That’s why we are posting products and services that will definitely increase your quality of life. Give you more satisfaction and of course, the best products and services that is in the market just for you. That’s why we recommend different products and services such as Wealthy Affiliate, Superior Singing Method, and Master Your Mind. Feel free to browse through our website and find out more amazing products.

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  1. Great your information. Because I also suffer some of the time, I thought bitclub is totally scam. But, on your explanation, I have an idea of joining again and try to earn. And would you give me support to continue the work? Thanks for you complete supportive information

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  2. Great blog and thanks for sharing and the clear explanations. Always wanted to but never had the courage to invest but this has certainly helped with my research into alternative investments

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      Thank you for reading my blog post, I am glad you have learned something. I understand that investing is hard at first, because you use your hard earned money, without a guarantee if you will earn more. You just need to trust yourself and be informed before making your decision. 🙂

      If you are interested in earning more money online, you could check my other article >here<, I have made money from it and so could you. Just read it and make sure you learn from it, because being informed is very important in every aspect of life.

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