Wealthy Affiliate University Review – My Journey to Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate

My Personal Review of the Wealthy Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate University Review

This article is about my Wealthy Affiliate University Review as I record my Journey to Affiliate Marketing. I will give tips and how to succeed in this platform and hopefully, you learn from my article.


My name is Jason, and on September 10, 2018, I registered in wealthy affiliate and immediately went to the premium account.

Here is why I immediately bought Wealthy Affiliate

  1. I don’t want to hold back and I intend to use the site to its fullest potential
  2. Well, I am preparing for a certification exam and in my leave from work
  3. Sense of responsibility. I paid for the product so I should use it to its fullest
  4. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to start now. Time is running

So as a proof, Here is the welcome message I received when I upgraded to premium:

I plan to record my progress here weekly, please join me in my Journey as I put the highlights I have made in this program.

You can check the Wealthy Affiliate site by clicking below, but please continue reading my post. I will share with you my journey through this platform, and will share my insights and tips for your success.

Who Am I?



Hi! My name is Jason, was a medical science student. I have tried to make a website before but failed miserably, because I have absolutely zero knowledge on website creation, and much more about affiliate marketing. I currently have a decent teaching job, but I want to earn some extra money for my future.

The truth is, I don’t have any idea what Affiliate marketing is, not until I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I thought it was a drop shipping course platform, because I tried to study drop shipping way back in 2015. As you can see, I didn’t started it and failed miserably. I didn’t even manage to create my own website.

I just got to know affiliate marketing when somebody corrected me when I told people in Wealthy Affiliate that I want to learn about drop shipping. They said that it was different. I always felt embarrassed when I remember it.

Because I already paid for premium membership, I pushed through with zero knowledge and just heard about Affiliate marketing for the first time. I said to myself that I need to focus on one thing for now. Not Drop shipping, but affiliate marketing, and so my journey begins.

I started the course and to my surprise, the pace at which the lessons were made are very beginner friendly. I can easily follow them.

My Initial Impression of the site.

The people inside Wealthy Affiliate are very friendly and helpful. If you are stuck on something and do not know what to do, you can just join the live chat and people will tend to your problem. It is really a big help for me.


Why am I writing this Article?

Writing this article will give a thorough review on wealthy affiliate and I will be 100% honest on everything. I know that our goal is to earn money through this platform and that’s why I am writing here my journey through affiliate marketing, but before I start, I want to specify what I want to get in this platform, so you know what to expect from here.

Here are the things that I want to get from Wealthy Affiliate

  • To create a website– one of my goals ever since 2015, I failed because the information I got is too much to handle, since I have absolutely zero knowledge on website creation. Just a waste of time.
  • Have my own domain – I wanted it since 2015
  • Designing my Website – I learned before about widgets, header and footer, but I definitely can’t understand them fully. I am expecting to learn it in WA.
  • To build a solid knowledge on the basics needed in Affiliate Marketing – I won’t earn without this right?
  • To get my website into search engines – Who would visit my site if it doesn’t get inside search engines?
  • Helpful Community – They promised that the community would be helpful to me, so I am expecting this.

What I will be doing in this Article

I will record below my weekly journey, experiences and highlights and we will see if this Wealthy Affiliate program can really help someone like me, someone who has zero experience or knowledge on website making make it in the Affiliate marketing world.

After my Journey, I will be giving tips and inspiration for you to help you in your journey!
Let’s go my fellow new entrepreneur!

My Journey to Affiliate Marketing

This section is about my Journey to Affiliate Marketing, such as my experiences and achievements. If you are not interested in this part of the blog, then no worries. You can just skip through this part and go directly into my insights, and review of Wealthy affiliate.

I will also provide tips that I have learned to help you, if you also want to go in your Wealthy Affiliate journey.

Month 1

Week #1: Starting my Journey

I started my journey to affiliate marketing by going through the training Kyle provides. I couldn’t put the screen shot of me starting the training since I have decided to record my journey on this day, which is September 18, 2018.

From now on, I promise to update this post as soon as I have highlights to share.

Highlight #1: I Finished my Level 1 Course

I finished my level 1 course on the next day. The lessons were easy to follow as it is about starting and introducing you to Affiliate Marketing. Sadly, I couldn’t put a screen shot of me finishing because i did not record it. However, I posted a message on the Wealthy Affiliate home page which is in here

Highlight #2: I Finished my Level 2 Course

I finished my level 2 course on September 13, 2018, which means that it took me 2 days to finish the level 2 course. I also have here a preview of my website that time.

It is in level 2 that you will start to buy a domain of your own, creating contents to your page, making a domain specific Email account, and the introduction of using Google plus.

Highlight #3: My website(This website) got indexed on Google.

That’s right, by following Kyle’s guide and of course my continues research outside of Wealthy Affiliate, my website got Indexed on September 15, 2018. It is surprising because I bought my domain on September 11, 2018. Which means my website got indexed in just 4 days, the largest search engine in the world. I often read in blog that it could take 3 months for some website to reach this level.

Week #2: Continuing to Strive Forward

Highlight #1: I finished the Level 3 course

I finished the level 3 course on September 18, 2018. This is a lot harder than the last two. Considering that I need to provide fresh content to my site each time I finish a lesson. I will still strive on and finished it. Really hope to finish this guide and give you a thorough review.

Highlight #2: My Site got indexed on Yahoo!

A good news I want to tell you guys, is that this website got indexed on yahoo this week. Here is the screen shot below. YEY! The second one is my site. Overall, it was a fantastic week and I hope to update you again soon.

Chillax Easy Indexed in Yahoo

End of my Week 2:(09/23/2018)

I did some major updates in my Website this time, especially in its appearance, also studied more about SEO and updated my posts, and then uploaded a total of 7 posts this week, got indexed in Google and yahoo but since this still a new website, it is still not in the top of searches.


Start of Week 3: Finishing Level 4 soon

I am starting my third week with a few more lessons until I get to level 5. I will provide a screen shot once I finished level 4 as it is another achievement for me. Still no sales this time.

The image above shows my analytics for this week. The graph shows that I got 60 visitors on my website on August 22. I am excited to show you the analytics I will have next week. ๐Ÿ™‚

Highlight #1: I finished Level 4

Level 4 is actually about social media, it says how important social media is to your success. Going too level 5 now. wish me luck! ๐Ÿ˜€ I will update again once I get more achievement. I can’t wait for my first sale though.

Finishing level 4 is actually easier, maybe because I am used to typing long articles now. Why it took a long time is because I got occupied with others things while in this journey. I am still seeing improvement on my site despite that.

Finishing Week 3 (9/30/2018)

I finished week 3 with 30% left in level 5. The reason for that is I have been busy for these past few days and uploaded 3 articles for this week. I am still keeping up though. One thing I forgot to mention is I joined the weekly live seminar.

The reason for the weekly live seminar is to update the members on the current or latest trends and updates on the Affiliate marketing Industry and since I am finishing level 5 soon, I tried to join it. It is actually fun because they are talking about advance web design. However, my priority now is to finish level 5.

What I think of Level 5

I am now 30% into level 5. For me, it is actually one of the most important of them all. Well all of them are important but I am enjoying level 5 more than level 4. Level 5 is more on the advanced customization and to give you more edge on the competition. It is really nice to learn things such as the XML maps and many more! If you are looking for more page views, this is perfect for that. I am actually getting a few organic searches this week, about 0-3 Organic search views per day. My site is actually improving, here is a screen shot of my site’s analytics.

As you can see, my views are becoming more and more stable. More update soon!! I can’t wait for my first sale though.

Week 4:

I couldn’t do much this week because I am really busy as I have a certification exam upcoming, also I do think that it is better for now to make an update monthly until I make my first sale since this review will be too long if I do it weekly, I will still update this post as long as I make new achievements, and after that, I will write what I think of and my tips to succeed in this platform.

Month 2

Highlight: I finished the level 5 or the Final course. (10/20/2018)

Wealthy Affiliate Finished

Yes, I have finished the course, this is a long journey and to tell you frankly, I have slacked off a few times because of the certification exam that I took. I passed by the way, so yey! I am now a certified ASCPi.

I am starting to pick up my pace again. I am getting a few website page visits and it is kind of exciting, because I already have a few visits to my site via the social media platforms, believe me, they work. I got $0.01 from theGoogle ads. The first money I received from my blog. I know it is not a lot but I know that someday, I will definitely earn more.

For now, I will continue doing this until I make my first sale. I will share my experiences with you guys and I promise that I will make detailed review of Wealthy affiliate after this. I will also give tips on what I did to make my website earn more money. Stay Tuned!

My Insights on Affiliate Marketing

This part will be about what I thought of Wealthy affiliate and how to succeed in this platform, I will also share with you my personal tips for you success. Before that, I would like to specify what you would exactly learn in this part of the article.

What you will learn in this part of the article:

  • What is Wealthy Affiliate
  • If Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam
  • Did I got the things that I want to get from Wealthy Affiliate (Listed Above)
  • The best way on how to use Wealthy Affiliate
  • Why Most People Fail With Wealthy Affiliate
  • How To Stand-Out in your Competition
  • Who will benefit and will not benefit from Wealthy Affiliate
  • How To Get $30 OFF in Wealthy Affiliate

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Itโ€™s a community of Affiliate marketers. Beginner and advanced are all welcome in this platform. Beginners are offered a full course that teaches you how to:Planning Your Business

  • Setup and create a website
  • Get traffic or viewers to your site
  • Make money out of your traffic
  • Build your audience by social media
  • Create content by using research tools
  • Plan your goals for your website in the foreseeable future

There are a lot of advantages in joining wealthy affiliate. As I have said, it is not solely for beginners. Experienced affiliate marketers can also benefit from wealthy affiliate by:

  • Weekly live webinars to update you in the current trends in the Affiliate marketing business
  • Tons of advanced tutorial made by expert affiliate marketers
  • A community with a live chat that helps each other especially if you are stuck in something
  • Success stories and fan following

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

The short answer is No. It is not a scam. I earned money from it, so can you. It just requires a certain effort from you. This is not a quick rich scheme, do not believe the people that would tell you that it is. There is no such thing as that.

As for every business, your efforts will be necessary. I think people believe that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, because they haven’t made efforts, and yet they expect money to come instantly.

I can’t blame them for that because I have seen people who advertise wealthy affiliate, and makes it seem to look so easy.

Well, it is not. I am telling you the truth. it requires continuous efforts from you. Constant updates and building your own asset. It will definitely be hard, but do not be scared. The courses in wealthy affiliate are made to make this easier with minimal effort but maximum results. It would be worth it. I am just asking you to do your effort.

I am saying this to you as someone who has zero knowledge on website creation before. I knew nothing but wealthy affiliate taught me well. I promise you the courses are well made for us beginners and the pacing are easy to follow. There are video guides for almost all lessons, and as you can see in my journey above, it is not that hard.

If you are like me, we don’t know anything about affiliate marketing. I don’t even know that affiliate marketing is a term until I became a member of the WA community. If I can do it, so can you, and If you already know something on websites, then you would definitely perform better than me.

So to sum it up, it is not a scam. your money is well spent on Wealthy Affiliate, there is also a free trial and a $30 discount I would offer you later. But that is not all, along with your money comes perseverance and constant efforts to earn money from it. Affiliate marketing is hard, but that’s what Wealthy affiliate is for. To help you achieve maximum results with minimal effort.

Why did I chose Wealthy Affiliate in the first place?

As for someone that researched on how to earn money online way back before, I can say that it is hard to find a course that would offer to help you in earning money without asking for at least $700. Considering that I was a student back then with no real source of income, I wouldn’t do it. Don’t even get me started on YouTube because I have tried to learn by using that platform.

I tried to study how to earn money by YouTube. I know that it is free but it is a waste of time.

Here’s why studying how to make money online via YouTube is a waste of time

Truth #1: Creators just wants to make money – Let me show you how they do it to make you aware.
a.) They will show you how easy it is to make money without giving you any information on how they do it. YouTubeThey would just post videos to make you have the desire to buying their overly expensive course. Some would even provide you a free “Seminar” and would not give you information. They would just show how they rise from poverty, and how unskillful/ordinary they are, and then say that their course should be priced 5 thousand dollars and then make it about $699 just for “you” for a “limited time.” Did you experienced this? If you studied in YouTube, you will surely encounter this.

b.) YouTube pays the creators via the advertisements on their video. Usually every 1,000 views. So the creators wouldn’t give all the information on a single video. They will scatter it throughout their sea of videos, for you to watch all of them and they get paid. Basically, the more videos you watch from them, the more money they will make from you. So if they could make you watch 100 of their videos, they would do it.

Truth #2: Tons of Creators – I know that it shouldn’t be a problem, but it really is. Here’s why.

Imagine yourself as someone who has zero knowledge on a matter, and then you have seen a video to solve your problem. You have seen it and then another video from a different creator is in your suggested video. Knowing that the information you got from the first video in not enough (As explained in Truth #1), you checked the other video. Do you think their ideas are the same? Do they do the exact same thing? or the program they will be using will be the same? If it is, you are lucky because most of the time, it is not.

Someone who has zero knowledge bombarded with tons of unnecessary ideas is not worth it at all. You might even be confused because of that. You can lose your motivation by just that. You need a series of information from a single person, and a course that is well thought of to cater a beginner such as you in your journey. That’s why bombarding yourself with too advanced information on the start is definitely not worth it.

Truth #3: It is a waste of time

You know why I failed way back then in 2015? Because I used YouTube to learn how to do it. I used to watch tons of videos just to know how to create my website. It took me a month of continues searching through the ocean of 10 minutes + videos YouTube has to offer. Guess what, I didn’t made any results because of the same reason as the ones above. No value were given to the videos, it was just frustrating. To tell you frankly, I made a website in the first day in just a few clicks in Wealthy Affiliate. Compare that to a month of nothing.

So Why Wealthy Affiliate?

For a starting price of NOTHING. Yes, you can have a free account as a trial period. You will see the difference. It gets you introduced to the platform and the course is well made for beginners. I learned a lot from Wealthy affiliate. After that, premium membership costs $49 a month. Not that expensive compared to $699 right?

You can even cancel your membership if you are not satisfied. but wait! I can give you a $30 off on your first month. Making it only $19. A small price to pay.

At a price of a single dinner, and effort to built your website, you have the knowledge and the community to start earning money on the online world. That’s the reason I have chosen wealthy affiliate and I have no regrets.

If you want to check the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate, you can click the link below:

Did I got the things that I want to get from Wealthy Affiliate

Yes, I got the basic knowledge of website creation, I got my own domain which is the website that you are in right now “Chillax Easy“. I also have some article coming out soon because I learned how to research for keywords that people would search. The website is also indexed in multiple search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex.

Here are the things I got from Wealthy Affiliate

  • I gained full access to all 7 training modules each of which teaches how to build a website, get traffic, make money, and ultimately, grow my business.
  • I got hosting/setup for up to 50 websites which include backups and security without additional charges
  • Got Access to the keyword research tool which helped me choose topics to write for that would surely get viewers.
  • I got access to live webinars that expanded my knowledge on the new trends in affiliate marketing|
  • Access to different tutorials from other wealthy affiliate users
  • I got the website feedback option, which helped me improve my site overall, by other wealthy affiliate users commenting on which parts of my website I should improve.
  • A lot more features because I can’t write everything as this post is already very long.

Everything is good as of now, I earn money and I can now support myself. I am very satisfied with the course.

Is Wealthy Affiliate enough?

If you just want an online business, earn money from it. All of the basics are already in wealthy affiliate. You can already have the business and earn money without any trouble at all.

However, if you want to earn more and get ahead of your competition, then read further into my article, and I will show you how to succeed and outrank the others in this platform.

The Best Way on How to Use Wealthy Affiliate

Why Most People Fail

If you ask me, the odds of being successful in wealthy affiliate is very high. Especially with the step by step course, trainings, features and most importantly, the community of like-minded people, that helps each other in motivating, creating more tutorials and teaching beginners.

Some people still fail. Why? I have 4 reasons for that.

  1. They give up easily – remember that Wealthy Affiliate is a business, you probably won’t earn money until your 3rd month if you are lucky and industrious. If you gave up after 1 month, then you will most likely fail. You need to be prepared for that. That’s why I have shared this with you. Not to worry though, the whole WA community is there to keep your motivation up. They did it for me, I am sure they will do it for you too.
  2. They don’t think outside the box – what I mean by this is most of the people in the WA community uses the same pattern on their post. They use the same type of articles, format, keywords and so much more. If you want to succeed, you have to be a little different. If you only rely on what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, then you won’t be different from your competition. The course in wealthy affiliate is there to help you make your business, but if you want to stand out in the competition, you need to learn from other sources.
  3. They are afraid to make mistakes – Did you know that there is a time that I couldn’t open my website. It crashed and I can’t view it. I was editing the HTML file inside my website and I screwed something up. What happened after? Well my website’s design got better after that. I now know how to do basic editing in the HTML file on my website. If you want to succeed, failures are part of it. You need to fail to know what you are doing wrong, and always learn from that. Mistakes are the best teacher.
  4. They do not save – What would you do if you got your first paycheck? Go to a buffet or a vacation? I suggest you invest some part of your money and create an emergency fund. I see some people just use up all their income and when some crisis happens, they can’t sustain themselves anymore, and they leave the community because of bankruptcy. Don’t let this happen to you. Save some for now, you can enjoy later. If your website gets successful, you can even have a 3 months vacation without any problem at all and I promise you that it feels amazing to know that you are still earning, while swimming at the beach. ๐Ÿ™‚

How To Stand Out of the Competition

Guides outside of Wealthy Affiliate

I have talked about why you should think out of the box. So how could you stand out if you do not know how? Check out the guides I have used below. I am sure they will help you stand out more.


Here are some useful Plug-ins that helped me stand-out in the competition

  • Yoast SEO – The majority of people in the WA community uses the All in One SEO. Well, the reason for that is it is automatically incorporated when you create a website in Wealthy Affiliate. It is also the one being used in the course wealthy affiliate offers. However, Yoast for me is better because they will indicate if your post is optimized for search engine optimization, it also has a readability analysis which checks if viewers will understand your blog post or not. It has a lot of cool features that I couldn’t tackle it all here.I will just place here the ultimate guide to Yoast SEO for you to read in the future. Here is the link: The beginner’s guide to Yoast SEO
  • All-in-One Schema Rich Snippet – This also helps in your search engine optimization. It helps you rank higher in google searches. It is also good for review articles which will be tackled on the your Wealthy affiliate course.
  • Smush – Wealthy Affiliate installs automatically a plugin for image compression, but in my experience Smush is way better. It compressed my images more leading to a better site speed.
  • WPSocializer – In our time, social media presence is important. That’s why this plug-in is a must have. It places a social media share and follow button to your blog. Making it ready to take on social media platforms.
  • W3 Total Cache – One of the most important Ranking Factor that Google specifically said is that your website speed is important. You don’t want your website to load for more than 4 seconds. That is a bad sign. That’s why get W3 Cache, this definitely helps with your site speed.
  • WordFence – You know what people forget? Security. There are tons of hackers out there. Go install this while your website is still new.


There are a lot of websites that could help you in your Affiliate Marketing Journey. Here are the sites I use in order to stand out in the competition

  • Canva – It helps me create posters for my blog, making it pinterest ready and of course, social media ready since once my articles are shared, it would show my poster which attracts more visitors to my website.
  • Pexels– This website will provide you with high quality photos for your blog posts. Most of them are free to use so feel free to use them for your website
  • Website Grader – It helps me check if there is something I can improve upon on my website, such as site speed, protection and many more.
  • Pingdom– I said above that site speed in very important. I guess your next question is how would I know if my site speed in good? Pingdom would help you in that. Go try it on your website. Make sure not to exceed 4 seconds.
  • Website Authority Checker – Do you want to know if your website is improving or not? If you want to know, you definitely need to get your DA(Domain Authority) score. It is always important to check if you are making improvements or not.

Who will and will not benefit from Wealthy Affiliate

Who will Benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

  • If you are an absolute beginner who is looking to start making money online.
  • If you are advanced and wants to be updated with the trends of affiliate marketing, as well as honing your knowledge in SEO, product searching, keyword research, and many more.
  • If you want to grow and create a business on your spare time.
  • If you want a part-time job.
  • If you are serious on changing your life.
  • A Student who wants to earn money on their spare time, because admit it. It is hard paying for student debts, especially if you just start earning money after graduation.
  • Someone who hates commuting to work on a rush hour.
  • Someone who needs to stay at home and still want to earn money. (e.g. raising a baby)

Who will not Benefit?

  • If you want a get rich quick scheme – As I always say in this article, this is not a quick rich scheme like other people promises you. It is a community and guide, a the step by step guide in earning money online.
  • If you don’t want to make efforts in your business
  • If you think it’s the magic cure to your problems – Remember that it requires time and effort to make it successful. You won’t be successful overnight by this method.
  • If you have no desire or passion for making money online
  • If you think this is only an investment of money – No, it requires time, effort and money to succeed in affiliate marketing. If you think you could just put your money and wait for your commissions, you are definitely mistaken. There are other investments for that.

Some of you are maybe here because you are looking for investments on your hard earned money. Well if you put enough time and effort, affiliate marketing will definitely help you earn a lot.

If you just want to give money and make it grow while you take a vacation, you can invest it on something else such as bit coins. You can check my article by clicking the link below if you are interested, but I promise that it wouldn’t earn as much as Affiliate marketing, if you talk about the amount of investment it requires.

How To Get $30 OFF in Wealthy Affiliate

Alright, if you have reached this far into my article, I am sure that you are serious on making money on-line. You want to try wealthy affiliate and got my tips on how to stand out in the competition.
So here is a link for a $30 discount in your first month on wealthy affiliate.

Another tip from me, if you have questions, inquiries or need my help in your journey, do not hesitate to comment down below. I will be happy to help you out.


Affiliate Marketing is not Easy

I know that people would tell you that Wealthy affiliate is an easy way to earn money. Blah Blah Blah. News flash! It is definitely not true. It requires a lot of patience, perseverance, and challenges to face. Your friends will not help you out. All of it will depend on your hard work.

There is no such thing as easy money, if you want to earn money while doing nothing. You are fooling yourself.

It is true that you can earn money through affiliate marketing while you sleep, but to reach that level, you need to persevere a lot. If you see people enjoying their life by affiliate marketing, they won’t tell you that they hustled everyday for maybe a year or two to reach that certain point.

Making money is definitely not easy. If you just want to invest money and let it work for you, affiliate marketing is definitely not the right way to go. I put my spare money on Bitcoins for that, it earns a little with no effort so I am fine with it, but if you really want to earn a lot of money. Go to affiliate marketing. If you want to earn a few extra bucks with bitcoins, you can check my detailed review article about my investments on BTC here:

I won’t lie. There will be times that you would just lose motivation, because well.. You don’t earn anything for a few months, because search engines don’t trust your website simply because your website is new.

What’s great in Wealthy Affiliate is that, they have success post almost everyday by people who pushed through the hard times. It kept me going by reading their success stories, and even if they experienced challenges along the way, they continued to press on. As I learned inside Wealthy affiliate, “when it gets slower, press harder”, and I followed that tip whole heartedly.

How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

You see, the thing that separates the one who succeeds, and the one who doesn’t, is that the winners work, hustle and learn everyday. The journey to earn money through affiliate marketing will be filled with discouragements, challenges and patience. That is an inevitable truth, but the successful ones never gave up.

They did every hustle they could do even if they felt like giving up everyday.

Remember that it is not easy at all as others will promise you. Constant challenges will rise up. However, the successful ones did everything they can, even if they felt like giving it up everyday. They pressed on! In the end, they become who they are today.

And the Wealthy Affiliate Community is your friend and companion in this journey, so don’t be afraid. We are all here to help you.

Go and soar the skies! My fellow new entrepreneur!


I hope this article helped you. If you have questions, inquiries or need my help in affiliate marketing, do not hesitate to comment down below and I promise to tend to your needs as fast as I can. Let us help together succeed.

Wishing you all the good things in Life,


The goal of Chillax Easy will always be to improve your lifestyle to the next level. That’s why we are posting products and services that will definitely increase your quality of life. Give you more satisfaction and of course, the best products and services that is in the market just for you. That’s why we recommend different services such as superior singing method, Master your Mind and Bitclub network. Feel free to browse through our website and find out more amazing products.



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  1. Hi Jason,

    I absolutely love this review! It’s great how honest you are about how hard it is to get affiliate marketing up and running. I think it’s easy to sell it as some dream thing for people to do and when people start with it and realise it’s hard they quit!

    Yes, the benefits are amazing once it’s working but it definitely is not easy to get things set up correctly! If people were aware of these challenges then it would be much more likely that people would stick with it.

    I really like how you updated each month of progress, I may actually steal this idea! I’ve been considering showing my monthly report for income from the website too (even though it’s not really earning anything)

    Hopefully this will show the progress in real time and show the speed that it improves (I’m guessing it will be slow at the start and hopefully increase once it’s moving!!) also this will keep me accountable.

    Thanks again for sharing, I took a lot from this


    1. Post

      Hello Mike, thank you for checking my article

      I am glad to know that you have learned from this. As my website is made primarily to help people to get the best tips to improve their lifestyle, I am glad that right now, I get comments on how my site helped the reader in their decision in something. How my thoughts were accepted in open arms.

      I started this website for my goal that is to share my thoughts, and ultimately to help people.

      I am happy to hear that you took a lot from this.

      Again, thanks for reading this article and I hope to hear from you again soon


  2. A great read, I was enthralled at how honest you are in this review. It’s not easy getting into affiliate marketing and you take the reader by the hand and inform them about WA. Well done.

    1. Post
  3. Hey, Jason, totally loved the extensive article of yours. Really well done!
    I’ll definitely look into the recommendations of plugins you gave. I found them fascinating and I’ve never really took the time to explore that avenue.

    All in all, I can only complement what you have already said about the WA platform.
    It is absolutely amazing in terms of the value that it offers for the price. And the best thing about it is that it does not offer any promises or shortcuts.
    You have to be not only willing to work, but actually put in the work on a daily basis. It’s all about working hard, smart and long. Without that as any business, it’s impossible to make it succeed.

    Keep striving!
    Cheers and have a Great One!

    1. Post


      Yes! That was my focus in this article. To make people think before they dive into affiliate marketing.

      However, I do think that Wealthy Affiliate is a shortcut in the Affiliate marketing industry. It is a community, a community of people helping each other expanding their business. I really like its idea because with the help of other people, your business will also have a boost. Everyone is going up.

      It is great being surrounded with like minded people. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate is also a great choice for advanced Affiliate marketers. For the Beginners, after the course, I already consider them to be advanced considering that they already know all the basics of affiliate marketing.

      That’s why even the advanced are still in wealthy affiliate. I know it is hard to venture a business without the like minded people around.

      In summary, I still think that Wealthy Affiliate is a great shortcut to success. But it still requires some effort from you.

      Thank you for your comment on this article!


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