Why Read a Book – What I Have Learned

Why Read A Book

Why Read a Book

“Why read a book? It is just so boring that I get sleepy when reading one.”

You know what? I completely understand. I’ve been there.


My name is Jason and I hated reading. Before, I become too sleepy each and every time I read a book. Frankly, if there is some way that I don’t need to read, I will definitely do it. I lived like that for the first 21 years of my life.

I was introduced to reading by my ex-girlfriend. Well, to impress her, I started to try reading. At first, I hated it so much. I always get sleepy so what I did was, to read when I get up in the morning to prevent me from being sleepy. I tried and tried to be someone who reads. I continued doing this for about a month

I Hated Reading

After a month, I still hate reading, really do. I don’t know what pushes me to read to be honest. Maybe, I still read because it became a little like a habit since I have been doing this for a month? I have no idea. I read every day, even for just 10 minutes a single day, I can’t end my day without reading.

By the way, I have a really nice article about the benefits of having good habits, You have to check them too. Here is the link: Importance of Good Habits

Then This Happened.

To my surprise, the people around me says that I tend to be smarter than before. Well to my surprise, I can talk to people and use what I have read before and I am proud of what I am saying. It is like an automatic switch, I tend to talk too much of what I have read especially if the book is very interesting. They regarded me as a smarter fellow. I didn’t mind but there is something that I tend to notice.

My focus on a task increased tremendously. In my past, I would do a task for about 5 minutes then go to Facebook and waste my time browsing social media for 2 hours. Sounds familiar? I’ve been there and I definitely understand. It is normal, having low concentration on a task is one of the negative things social media has done for us. Not convinced? Check this article by Forbes. Is Social Media Shortening Our Lifespan?

This is actually one of the reason why twitter has a 140 character limit, because people do not have enough attention span to focus on a task anymore. I noticed by attention span when I am studying to speak Mandarin. I could just focus on studying for an hour straight, and I know some people can’t. It definitely destroys their productivity.

By the way, I created another Article on how to boost your productivity. You may check it out here.

Why did this Happened?

“With great focus comes great productivity.” I just created that quote. 🙂

Well check this out, our brain is now used to getting information at a quick rate, and while it tends or wants to remain on focus, there are multiple pop-ups, colorful videos that tend to capture our eyes. With just a single click you can check a self-help video and turn it into a comedy video. Leaving a blog or website is just a click away. You can’t blame yourself, the internet is just filled with information that you want to check as many as you can and in the end, your brain will get used to that which will sacrifice your concentration.

Is being Focused Useful?

As I said, my productivity went through the roof, I also learned a lot from books. I read self-help books by the way, also because of focus, I can do a lot of things at a faster rate. Do not believe me? Take a look at this picture.

That’s my Wealthy Affiliate account. I used that because I want to create a blog and monetize it soon. Well as you can see, the blog where you are reading right now is the product of that site. You can actually register for free and create your own website all for free, with a video tutorial. You can check it out here: Wealthy Affiliate

Back to my productivity, I wrote 46,703 words excluding this one in about 3 weeks. That’s about 2,224 words in a day. Considering that as I make blog post, I am learning to make my website: plug-ins, themes, design, website logo, pictures and so much more. I am a pre-medicine student so I assure you that I have absolutely zero knowledge in website creation. Also, look below, the 46,703. I wrote more than 98% of the people in the same platform even with that handicap. I said, I am still learning how to make a website and its content. Pretty cool huh?

Just a Note: I am not here to brag, I am just telling how focus is important if you really want to take your productivity to the next level. Nothing more than that.

Well.. wait.. There is something more than that.

No, I am not talking about bragging. 🙂 Gotcha!

You see, I gave you a benefit about increasing your productivity but I didn’t mention another important benefit that other people tend to forget. A book is a summary of the author’s knowledge. All he/she had learned throughout the years. Their success, achievements, work ethic, habits and the most important of them all, Failures! They are writing their mistakes in order for us not to do them again. It is like having a mentor telling you not to do that because it will just bring you to failure. Please do note that most authors are specialized in their fields so knowing their past mistakes will make you more careful in the future.

That’s right. Look at their mistakes, it is written in the emotions inside those texts. You will absolutely feel them. That is the most valuable asset I can think in reading a book. If you get to know their mistakes. It will definitely make your whole life easier and will prevent you from doing the same mistake as they did.

For example, in the book: The Richest Man in Babylon. There is an instance wherein the author Invested his money on a brick maker that thinks that buying jewelry and selling them will get them more money. As it turns out, since the person he gave money to is a brick maker and he doesn’t know anything at all about Jewelries, what they bought were fake gems and of course, they can’t sell it anymore. Losing all of their savings.

Moral Lesson: If you invest, check if the one you are in business with is an expert in that field.

By the way, That book is actually a good read if you are curious about basic finance and savings, here is a link to the book:

Where Should I start?

If I have convinced you to start reading, the next question you might be having is where to start? There are a lot of books out there. Anyway, If I may suggest a book, consider reading Chicken Soup.

It is easy to read so you will have a good head start. I am not saying that you can’t read well. It is just that If you are like me and you get bored easily with reading a book, considering that this book is composed of a lot of stories, so each time you finish a story then you will feel good finishing one, and then read just one story each day, get the feel, and don’t force yourself at first because I have seen some people that get frustrated because of their attention span. That’s why I am suggesting you to start with an easy to read book.

If you are now used to reading, then switching to a bigger book will be a lot easier. I promise Chicken Soup is a very good read. You are also lucky since they have their 20th year anniversary edition which includes all of their best stories all in the same book. I actually had to buy them individually because I didn’t have that privilege.

Here is the link in case you can’t find it.


It is nice to read a book. You will definitely learn a lot. I promise you, you will get expert’s opinion, their beliefs, their achievements and of course, their mistakes. They will also tell you not to do them. It is a nice price to pay for all those experiences and expertise.

Not only that, your attention span will surely increase, your knowledge will be broader. You will definitely use them in a conversation and it actually feels good. Your productivity will also definitely increase. There is actually no disadvantage except that they cause a few bucks I guess.

That’s it for this article guys, of course I can’t end this article without my favorite Petite saying of the Day.

Petite Saying

“With Great Focus Comes Great Productivity.”

Once you increase your attention span, you will surely be surprised what you can actually do. Your productivity will surely increase in a way that you will surely notice. It is a great way to finish tasks. I am not saying to stop using social media though, they are a great tool. We have conversation with it with the people we care for and seeing what they are currently busy with in their current lives. Just try reading and concentrating on it okay?

After reading my article, I hope you have learned a lot.

If you have concerns, comments or anything else that I can help you with, leave them in the comments section.and as always, I’ll see you in the next article!


Jason of Chillaxeasy.com

Why Read a Book - What I Have Learned
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Why Read a Book - What I Have Learned
Why read a book? It is boring right? Wait! I have been there and I completely understand, let us see why I decided to read a book everyday.
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